10 Best Squaredrop Trailers: New Lightweight Campers with No Regard for Aerodynamics

A squaredrop trailer is basically a teadrop that doesn’t care about the added aerodynamics and abandons nostalgia for the retro design. This family of caravans is rather affordable, lightweight to tow with nearly any car and roomy enough to sleep at least two weary travelers. In this video we will cover the best and all-new models from this class. We’ll investigate their chassis and body composition, explore cabins and list standard and optional comfort features.

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#1 Boreas XT

Boreas XT is made in Denver Colorado, this squarish trailer rides on a rugged suspension setup and has a durable exterior shell made of fiberglass.

#2 Polydrop

After a couple of years of trial and error, the Californian startup Polydrops have finalized their lineup of edgy trailers, which are now marketed as electric vehicle oriented. These futuristic living capsules on wheels have aluminum frames and shells with R-14 insulation.

#3 In-Tech Flyer Chase

The Flyer Chase is the smallest and therefore the cheapest model from Indiana’s Intech RV. It has a fully welded, all-aluminum cage and frame construction.

#4 Tiny Camper Expedition

The first micro teardrop by the Lithuanian Tiny Camper was inspired by the inspired by the American DIY culture, but with their second Expedition model, the company is ready to graduate into the upper class of larger, off-road capable trailers.

#5 Off Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0

Canada’s Off Grid Trailers market the award winning Expedition 2.0 as their most capable trailer. It is a no-wood camper that comes with solid off-road-prepared underpinnings, meaning that it has 50-degree departure angles and 21 inch clearance.

#6 Mammoth Overland Trailer

Mammoth Overland Trailer is mounted on a powder-coated steel frame with a heavy-duty independent suspension from Timbren, while its angular body is made from 2 aluminum layers with insulation sandwiched between them.

#7 Hive EX Lineup

Hive Campers is a Salt-Lake City, Utah manufacturer that prouds itself for building trailers locally and sourcing many of the required materials from the US-based small businesses. According to Hive, the main advantage of the EX line is its 3D-modelling design process and construction principles.

#8 BRS Offroad Pursuit and Limited Pursuit

Th Australian BRS Offroad Pursuit and its range-toping Limited version come fully equipped to take a beating off-road. The trailers ride on hot dip galvanized chassis, with either 2 tons coil or 2.5 tons Cruisemaster Level 3 Air Suspensions. The wheels are wearing BFG All-Terrain tires.

#9 Kodiak Stealth

The only squared-off model by Rustic Trail Teardrops has a few undeniable advantages. The Kodiak Stealth comes equipped with a heavy-duty axle rated for 3500 pounds, rides on 15inch tires, and features flat wheel wells that can withstand 350 lbs.

#10 TetonX Hybrid

Born near Teton mountains, the TetonX Hybrid trailer was designed to travel further than a regular teardrop would. In 2021, the model was revamped, entering its 2nd generation.

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