10 Campers with Largest Solar Panels for Limitless Electric Off-Grid Capabilities

A total of 173 trillion watts of solar energy strikes the Earth every single moment and this figure exceeds the total energy consumption of the planet by 10,000 times. Letting all this juice go to waste is a real bummer, especially in the RV business that values self-sufficiency more than anything else. Unfortunately, harnessing solar is not an easy task and it directly corresponds to the efficiency and surface area of one’s solar panels. Today we have prepared for you a list of camping rigs with the largest solar kits in their respective classes.
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#1 Stella Vita: solarteameindhoven.nl/

Stella Vita is not the first solar EV created by the team of 22 student from the Eindhoven University of Technology, but it is their most efficient one that will attempt to compete nearly a 2000-mile trip across Europe.

#2 Retreat Caravans ERV: e-rv.com/

Created by the Melbourne-based Retreat Caravans, the ERV debuted back in 2019 as the world’s first all-electric trailer. Today, it is ready for production in 4 floor plans, and you can pre-order your 2022 model at the brand’s website. Its electrical system is sourced from OzXCorp: it combines a 14.3kWh battery pack and a solar array, which has the capacity from 1.6 to 2.4 kWh depending on the chosen trailer model.

#3 Earhroamer HD: earthroamer.com/hd/

Engineered to be self-sustainable and to travel months on end, the Earhroamer HD gets a 2.1 kW solar panel and 20kWh battery, a 115-gallon diesel tank, and a full set of water tanks: a 250 gallon for fresh water, 125-gallon ones for grey and waste water.

#4 Dethleffs e-Home Iveco Daily Electric: dethleffs.co.uk

The German manufacturer Dethleffs developed a conceptual Class C motorhome model that copes with the travel distance limitations by covering all of the available surfaces of an Iveco Daily van with solar panels.

#5 Living Vehicle: livingvehicle.com

The Living vehicle is the pinnacle of a travel trailer with full residential potential. Depending on the modification, its on board solar system can produce from 1.3 to 3 kilowatt of power.

#6 Polydrops P17a: polydrops.com/p17a

Despite not being a fully-fledged motorhome or carrying a kilowatts-worth of solar panels, the Polydrops P17a deserves to be mentioned on this list as the most equipped teardrop trailer, in terms of solar power.

#7 Ecocapsule Original: ecocapsule.sk/

First presented to the world in 2015, the Ecocapsule Original is a tiny egg-shaped house that can travel with you wherever you go. Designed and built in Slovakia, the mini house is completely energy-independent, getting 9.7kWh battery, a 880W of solar panels and a low noise wind turbine that can generate 750 Watt.

#8 Earthroamer LTi: earthroamer.com/new-lti/explore/
In the Earthroamer lineup, the carbon-fiber-bodied LTi can be called an entry-level model. Built on the Ford F550 4WD chassis, it is motivated by 6.7liter Turbodiesel engine. Instead of a propane tank or a diesel generator, all LTis come equipped with an 11kWh battery pack, 2 inverters and 1320Watt solar panels handling your energy needs.

#9 Silent Yachts: silent-yachts

After first presenting a self-sufficient, solar-powered catamaran in 2009, Silent Yachts have expanded the lineup to 7 models, including 55, 60 and 80 feet vessels.

#10 SLRV Commander 8×8: slrvexpedition.com.au/products/commander-8×8

Expedition vehicles usually come equipped with large solar arrays to support you in the most desolate environments, but based on our research the SLRV Commander 8×8 has the most powerful setup in the business.

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