10 Cheapest Expedition Vehicles of Today: Can You Explore the World on a Budget?

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There is nothing shocking in a new expedition vehicle that costs half a million bucks and above. On the contrary, anything cheaper is either met with skepticism or considered a great deal to buy. Today we would like to defy this tough reality by demonstrating the market’s cheapest expedition rigs that still possess worthy globetrotting capabilities, but at least carry price tags in 5 and lower six figures margins.
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#1 Crawler Otag 385: crawler.global/products/crawler-otag-385-models/crawler-otag-385–unimog-u4000l

The Turkish manufacturer Crawler, has been on a roll ever since receiving international recognition in 2020 for the Otag 600. The all-new 385 model is its smaller variant with the Unimog underpinnings, instead of the MAN chassis.

#2 AT Overland Aterra XL: atoverland.com/pages/aterra-xl-flatbed-camper

Already quite well-known for their truck toppers, AT Overland is now ready with their largest build to date – the Alterra XL flatbed camper that fits 6.5 to 8 feet truck beds and can support your travels all year round.

#3 Hunter RMV Predator II and Apex: hunterrmv.com/vehicle/predator-ii

The Nevada Hunter RMV uses this Austrian Steyr 12 M 18 Truck modified for the US military purposes as a base chassis for their Predator II and Apex builds.

#4 AEON RV: aeonrv.com

Headquartered in Nevada, the AEON RV expedition vehicle follows the fundamental concepts that are infused in its acronym name: All-season, Electric, off-road and new.

#5 SLRV Iveco Daily 4×4 3480A: slrvexpedition.com.au/products/iveco-daily-4×4-camper/

SLRV Iveco Daily 4×4 3480A uses the 4×4 Iveco Daily platform powered by a 180-hp 3L Iveco Diesel. The camper body is mounted using a 3-point torsion free chassis mounting system allowing independent twist and minimal transfer of forces.

#6 Portlite Expedition One: port-lite.com/expedition-one

From the custom aluminum flatbed to the smallest door – all the structural elements of this expedition camper are handmade in Maine. Portlite has developed a duo of fully molded rigs for the regular 6.5 feet bed and a long 8-feet version.

#7 Global Explorer by AAV 4×4: aav4x4.com.au/global-xplorer

AAV, short for Australian Adventure Vehicles, is a Brisbane-based manufacturer of motorhomes led by a family duo of passionate adventurers Kim and Lyn Bolton. Their latest Global Explorer project is built relying on the experience gathered when travelling across different parts of Asia, Africa, Russia, Europe, and the Americas.

#8 Blissmobil 11 & 13 ft: blissmobil.com/products/11-foot/ / blissmobil.com/products/13-foot/

The entry-level 11 foot and 13 foot models by Bliss Mobil may be smaller than the company’s flagship vehicles, but they are definitely not less feature reach and expedition-proof. Both are built around a robust self-supporting container frame with sandwich panel walls.

#9 Expedition Portal F-550 Full Custom Camper: expeditionportal.com/expedition-portal-classifieds-award-winning-f550-full-custom-camper

The Californian designer and camping enthusiast spared no expense on the development of this custom rig. It is based on the Ford F550 chassis and fitted with a composite flat-bed cabin.

#10 GXV Adventure Truck: adventuretrucks.com/pages/adventure-truck

At this time, the Adventure Vehicle’s lineup includes 2 models: base and XT with a cab-over sleeping area. They get over an inch-thick fiberglass composite bodies with closed-cell foam insulation and cab to cabin access.

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