10 Innovative Campers Putting to Use the Newest Technological Solutions in 2022

As we are turning the page of the 2021 camping season, it’s time to get excited about all of the upcoming RVs of 2022. This is the first episode of our mini-series covering the best recently unveiled travel trailers, truck campers and other innovative RVs. So subscribe to #MustSeeTech not to miss the follow up releases and let’s explore the future! Here we go!

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#1 Icarus Series Loki Basecamp: lokibasecamp.com/icarus-series

The Canadian startup Loki Basecamp has gone beyond the vague 3D images and introduced an actual production version of their slide in truck camper with half cab design. Just like its larger Falcon sibling, the Icarus is suitable for year-round camping.

#2 Stella Vita: solarteameindhoven.nl/

Stella Vita is a solar EV, created by the team of 22 student from the Eindhoven University of Technology, and in 2021, it managed to compete a 1200-mile trip across Europe without stopping for a recharge.

#3 Toyota Tacozilla: pressroom.toyota.com/toyota-unveils-tacozilla-tacoma-camper-overlanding-rig-at-2021-sema-show/

The one-of-a-kind Toyota Tacozilla was built specifically to wow crowds at this year’s SEMA Autoshow. The project started out as a stock Tacoma TRD Sport that was stripped down and fitted with 2-inch lift kit, new TRD Wheels, 33inch General Grabber off-road tires and a steel-aluminum camperbox.

#4 Edgeout Teardrop: edgeout.co.za

Edgeout Teardrop consists of two separately molded composite units: a sleeping cabin and a kitchen in the back. The trailer is built on a galvanized and stone chipped Burquip chassis with a braked torsion bar suspension.

#5 Cortes Camper: cortescampers.com/

Absolutely no wood, no rivets and no cheap steel were used in the construction of the 17 feet Cortes Trailer that rides on the innovative axle-less independent suspension from Timbren and has a patent pending 1208 biaxial aluminized fiberglass and carbon fiber body.

#6 Supertramp LT: supertrampcampers.com/

The Flagship LT by the Colorado Supertramp Campers is designed to fit any full-size truck without interfering with its aerodynamics on the road. This slide-in model has a fiberglass composite body, weighs 1200 pounds and comes equipped with an electrically-lifting roof.

#7 Kip Shelter & Panorama: kipcaravans.nl/en/shelter/

Kip Shelter is the smallest trailer by the Netherlands based Kip Caravans that was designed for those travellers who need a basic model capable of going off-road. In 2021, the company cooperated with designer Karel Bodegom and the country’s Bureau for Tourism and Conventions to create a Shelter-based concept named Panorama.

#8 BruderX EXP-8: bruderx.com/exp-8

Australia’s Bruder trailers are without a doubt the world’s toughest caravan and the new EXP-8 shall become their most advanced model yet.

#9 Lume Nordic LT540: lumetraveler.com/luxury-caravan/winter/

The LT540 No. 1 was a larger Lume model that took the attractive concept of the original LT360, but placed the kitchen inside the trailer, added a toilet room and a lounge seating area. The new Nordic is basically its winterized modification.

#10 Flip 90 by ICC Offroad: icc-offroad.de/flip90/

Designed around a VW Amarok, the Flip 90 is a flat bed truck camper that has a 2-piece construction and weighs just 550 pounds. It relies on a 90-degree electrically-assisted rotation mechanism to unfold the outershell to rear.

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Travel With Comfortable Camping Cots

Do you wish to go camping? Great selection for a holiday! When you go camping You obtain an opportunity to connect with nature, to experience and delight in considerably the landscapes and also the wildlife that so lots of locations in this world need to use. Whether you travel in a camper van which has all the necessities readily available, a bed included, or you are going to rest in a camping tent, you should always consider carrying with you several camping cots.

How to Deal With Lightning When Camping

Before you lay out for your outdoor camping website, you should certainly make sure that the weather for the day would be sunny. Nevertheless, there are times when all your preparations produce absolutely nothing but incorrect assumptions. In some instances, you may finish up being captured up in a thunderstorm where lightning is rather noticeable. Below are some ideas that you should do in order to reduce the threat of being caught by a lightning outdoors.

Camping Rules on Public Camp Grounds

Outdoor camping can be a very enjoyable experience. However, you have to keep in mind that you are fairly in charge of advertising as well as maintaining that “pleasantness” throughout your outdoor camping activity. You need to prepare and also you have to be organized if you wish to have a gratifying camp experience. You must also be all set for unexpected events that could wreck your plans. In enhancement to that, you ought to have a severe worry and also factor to consider for other camping site visitors.

Camping With Your Kids

Camping can be a really interesting task for the kids. It is often pertained to by parents as a chance to bond with their children throughout the weekend breaks. Moreover, it will certainly also be a chance to show your children brand-new features of the atmosphere and also some life abilities. You can establish group job and also cooperation between your children while outdoor camping.

Cooking Strategies For Aspiring Campers

One of the most amazing tasks when going for an outdoor camping trip is cooking. However, cooking in the camping area may be complicated as well as troubling especially if you are new on the planet of outdoor camping. If you do not recognize what to bring or what to cook on an outdoor camping trip, after that you might too check out the following techniques that can assist you maximize your camp website cooking.

What You Need For Your Campsite

Outdoor camping can be a really rewarding activity. It postures chances for learning fun. It is not unexpected why an increasing number of individuals want to check out camping. If you are one of the newbies that are intending to have a superb outdoor camping journey, there are some basic items of outdoor camping devices that you ought to have. If you do not have these standard equipments, you will not have the ability to make the many of your outdoor camping experience. In the majority of instances, you will just wind up confused or entirely burnt out.

How to Store Your Camping Gear Properly

Picking camping tools is a severe undertaking. Outdoor camping is not just an extremely tough experience; it can likewise be quite expensive too because a lot of the gears as well as devices that you will certainly need are high valued. When you have gotten the right set of camping equipments, the following thing that you ought to do is to see to it that your investment is not lost. You ought to store your camping gear correctly to ensure that you can utilize your equipment over as well as over once again each time you lay out for a camping journey. Below are some ways whereby you can save your equipment appropriately.

Useful Camping Tips During Winter

Camping on open premises can be made not just during the summer season or spring. Nowadays, you can go camping also throughout the winter. In reality, there are many individuals who enjoy establishing camps also throughout heavy snow autumn. Nonetheless, prior to you establish your camp, below are some tips that you must understand.

Fire Safety During Camping

Camping without a campfire is not camping at all. Late night discussions and video games around the camp fire as well as marshmallow roasting are vital for a pleasurable camping experience. Nonetheless, you should know the reality that camping with a campfire is not just all enjoyable. Such entails a particular level of obligation. If you are intending to set up a camp fire and/or if you are planning to cook during camping, you must be aware of some fire security ideas.

Camping Chairs

Camping is a time that we always remember. We wish that if it was possible, we can go camping regularly. Regrettably with all the hassle and also active schedules of our lives, that appears a little much fetched. When packing for camping, the exhilaration is frustrating. We try as long as possible to have the convenience that we have in the residence. That is why we require camping chairs.

Camping With Tornadoes

Tornadoes are regular occurrences. Even more than a hundred hurricanes go to the numerous regions of the USA on an annual basis. Along with that, hurricanes commonly pay a constant see to the Great as well as High Plains areas of the nation. Because of this, if you are planning to have a camping journey out in the hills in very early or late spring, you should be prepared to take care of hurricanes that might come your method specifically as a result of the fact that almost seventy percent of all the camping websites in the country are fairly at risk to twisters.

Dealing With Flash Floods When Camping

Besides lightning, an additional thunderstorm danger that you should be prepared to handle is a flash flood. Rain is fairly typical and due to the fact that this all-natural event is common, most individuals believe that rain is simply a minor nuisance that we must not be fretted about. Unlike the typical false impression concerning rainfall however, it needs to be noted that after significant amounts of rain, tiny streams can progress right into raving rivers that presents the threat of flash floodings. In order to make sure that you can keep on your own risk-free from floods below are some tips that you should certainly know.

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