11 Upcoming Rooftop Tent Models for Trucks and SUVs (Best RTT to Buy in 2022)

Undeniably more expensive than regular tents, yet infinitely more comfortable. RTTs equal thick and cozy mattresses, ease of installation and no need to search for a camping site, what else can an exhausted heart of an adventurer desire? More and more travelers turn to roof top tents in an effort to convert their SUVs and pickups into legitimate overlanding rigs so for those of you searching for an appropriate model in today’s episode we will be giving a shout out to the newest and most advanced RTTs of 2021 and beyond.
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#1 Crua AER: indiegogo.com/projects/crua-aer-the-roof-top-tent-reimagined#/

Usually reserved for the company’s series of hammocks, the Aer name is now being repurposed for Crua’s first roof-top tent model. Developed in two sizes fitting 3 or 5 people, the tent has a hybrid construction with a honeycomb fiberglass base, adjustable ladder and poles, and canvas walls from 210D Rip-Stop Polyoxford fabric.

#2 Thule Tepui Foothill: thule.com/en-us/rooftop-tents-and-accessories/rooftop-tents/thule-tepui-foothill-_-901250
Store Link: https://amzn.to/3gG0QR7 (Explorer Ayer)
https://amzn.to/3iTFVM0 (Explorer Autana)
https://amzn.to/3zFZygz (Kukenam 3)

Thule Tepui Foothill offers one key advantage: It can be mounted on either side of the vehicle, leaving a plenty of space for other important gear you would like to carry on the roof.

#3 Alu-Cab Generation 3.1: alu-cab.com/product/gen-3-1-expedition-tent

The original Gen 3 Expedition was brought to us five years ago and became a game changer in the segment of the toughest RTTs, so we can safely assume that the 3.1 model will be an even better all-rounder product.

#4 TEDPoP: tedsoutdoor.com/product/tedpop-the-worlds-first-pop-up-dual-expandable-hardshell-rooftop-tent/

TED Outdoors is a small outdoor equipment startup from South Korea, that plans to bring to the market a more compact and spacious version of a regular hard-shelled RTT. When folded, it measures 90 by 50 inches and weighs 176 lbs.

#5 Roofnest Condor: roofnest.com/product/condor/

The hard-shelled Roofnest Condor weighs just 135 pounds, folds out to sleep 2 adults and a kid, and offers 50 inches of headroom.

#6 Horizon by Napier Outdoors: napieroutdoors.com/shop/truck-tents/napier-rooftop-tent/

In the past, Napier Outdoors specialized exclusively in vehicle camping tents that connect to your car’s boot, but now, the company is ready to play in the RTT league. Compatible with any truck or SUV equipped with cross bars, their new Horizon tent has three windows, standard wall-to-wall foam mattress, and an extra rainfly.

#7 Darche Hi-View 2200: darche.com.au/hi-view-2200-no-annexe

Proudly Australian since 1991, Darche carries a wide range of soft shell Roof top tents with a limitless range of addons. The Hi-View 2200 is the largest family tent in the HiView range with sleeping capacity for 4 people.

#8 Crawler Koza: crawler.global/en/products/crawler-electric-rooftop-tent/crawler-koza-roof-top-tent—130

Well-known for their truck-bed campers and expedition vehicles, the Turkish Crawler is now preparing to conquer the segment of roof-top tents. The company’s Koza model is offered in 3 sizes, all equipped with an automatic opening mechanism powered by an electric motor.

#9 Quechua Van500: quechua.com/rooftop-tent-van500

While many RTTs are claimed to fit all kinds of vehicles, from smaller hatchbacks to pickups, this model by Quechua takes a different route. The Van500 is developed specifically for vans and MPVs, and it mounts directly on the roof without roof rails.

#10 Fjordsen AIR XL: fjordsen.com/en-gb/shop/xl-rooftop-tents-en-gb/fjordsen-xl/

The biggest model in Fjordsen’s range, the AIR XL measures 86 by 86 inches when deployed, offering plenty of space for the entire family.

#11 GoFast Superlite: gofastcampers.com/pages/superlite

GoFast Superlite weighs just 80 pounds, and measures 50 inches wide, 90 inches long, and 6 inches thick. It is claimed to be the lightest in the business.

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