2022 RV Model Tours! Class C and B Motorhomes at Florida RV SuperShow

Let’s look at the NEW Class C & B RVs at the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow! We show around 15 models and tours, come along and see what’s new this year.

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00:00 Welcome to The RV Supershow!
02:59 LTV Unity RTB
07:46 Winnebago EKKO
08:20 Winnebago BOLDT
09:07 Winnebago SOLIS 59PX
10:34 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T & 25B
14:39 Winnebago VIEW 24D
19:08 Tiffin WAYFARER 25RW
22:28 Jayco TERRAIN 19Y
23:20 Thor DELANO 24RW
25:22 Regency Ultra Continental 25TBS
29:38 Regency Ultra Brougham 25IB

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