8 Newest Cooking Tools to Apply Your Meal Preparation Skillset in the Wild

A campfire and a couple of kettles is all you need to cook a decent meal outdoors. But if you really want to impress your fellow travelers and indulge the party with some quality food, we welcome you to explore these new ingenious solutions for meal preparation outside. Latest kickstarter projects, new inventions from the established manufacturers, we have got all sorts of gadgets to show you,
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#1 HitchFire Forge 15: hitchfire.com/products/hitchfire-grill
Store Link: https://amzn.to/3ioA7ZC

Designed by the same people who gave the world the Tepui roof-top tents, the HitchFire Forge 15 is a perfect product for those who have two great hobbies – outdoor adventures and grilling.

#2 Trayvax Ration: trayvax.com/collections/swag/products/ration

This any-trip solution for quick hot food cooking from Trayvax allows you to feel secure wherever you go. The Ration’s two-piece body consists of a large storage compartment made of powder-coated aluminum, and a stainless-steel stove top.

#3 GoSun Sizzle: gosun.co/products/sizzle

The largest and the most powerful GoSun oven was designed with the help of the company’s lead investor and rocket scientist Glen MacGilivray. The Sizzle borrows the proven tube design from the Fusion oven, but utilizes custom reflector materials.

#4 Genstove by VivaPlus

Designed and made in Korea, the Genstove is a portable camping stove that can charge your smartphone, Bluetooth speaker or other devices, harvesting the residual heat from the fire.

#5 JoGo: indiegogo.com/projects/jogo-the-coffee-brewing-straw#/

Inspired by the traditional way of drinking matcha tea, the creators of JoGo decided to implement this centuries-old technique in coffee consumption. After failing to use the standard bombilla straw for cup-brewed coffee, they designed a special one with a very fine micron mesh filter for getting rid of all coffee grounds.

#6 GoSun Chillest: gosun.co/products/chillest

GoSun Chillest is the ultimate version of the GoSun’s Chill solar cooler, that uses customer feedback to improve its features. The Chillest has 45 liters of space, is split into cooler and freezer zones, and can maintain temperatures between -4 to 68 Fahrenheit.

#7 Solo Stove FirePit Cooking System: solostove.com/fire-pit-cooking-system
Store Link: https://amzn.to/3A96Ubu (Yukon Bundle)
https://amzn.to/3CZIoLw (Bonfire Bundle)
https://amzn.to/3l1kucs (Ranger)

The world’s most portable smokeless bon fires are manufactured by Solo Stove. The Firepit cooking system has great potential that can be harnessed with the in-house developed cooking systems.

#8 Alpha Bonfire: indiegogo.com/projects/ultra-thin-and-compact-fire-pit-alpha-bonfire#/

Thinner and smaller that most of modern smartphones, the Alpha Bonfire is an ultra-portable fire pit kit designed for solo bicycle camping, hiking, fishing or just a short weekend trip.

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