9 Best Tree Tents and Suspended Hammock Shelters (Including New 2022 Models)

If your final destination is expected to have trees, then a tree tent is the optimal solution for your camping needs. No more worries about flooding, cold ground or ants setting up camp in your living room, besides these tents can do double duty as comfortable hammocks to rest throughout the day. In this episode we will go over the best tree tents on sale today, as well as the newest models that arrive to challenge the status quo in the field of suspended shelters.
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#1 Haven XL: haventents.com/collections/all/products/haven-xl-sky-blue-september-pre-order/

One of the main things that made the Haven’s hammock so popular is its lay flat design. However, when the company decided to produce the XL version, it turned out that simply extending the length of the stock spreader bars and stakes did not work.

#2 Treeline System by Slousi: kickstarter.com/projects/slousi/the-treeline-system-by-slousi?fbclid=IwAR2IACTc-_sQAWAIq471b9QxaXPCKsQp8K1_CmoTb4uG6FAbVqh-rLp9oa4

Launched on Kickstarter just this summer, this Utah-based startup is the creation of three camping enthusiasts and brothers, Sean, Brady, and Joel Robertson. The trio designed the Treeline System while the first prototypes of the hammock-tent were created and tested with the help of their family.

#3 Opeongo Aerial A1: opeongo.camp/products/aerial-a1?utm_source=ytpage&utm_medium=2021pre&utm_campaign=youtube

Designed for a solo camper, the Canadian Opeongo Aerial A1 tent-hammock offers a stable, horizontal sleeping platform that can be suspended between 2 trees. This is made possible by the proprietary slackline-inspired suspension system that creates a 4-point connection.

#4 Crua Koala & Koala Maxx Set: cruaoutdoors.com/collections/hammocks/products/crua-koala-v2
Store Link: https://amzn.to/3kR2b8t (1-person set)
https://amzn.to/2WSVGtH (2-person, hammock only)

The second generation Crua Koala resolves all of the minor issues and oversights of the original. The hammock is made from stronger materials, so it can support up to 450 lbs of load. It also comes with movable internal pockets, a new organizer and bottle holder, and a small underhammock for your shoes and bag.

#5 Sierra Madre Nube: sierramadreresearch.com/products/nube-hammock-shelter

The all-in-one air tent from Sierra Madre gets refined once again and enters its fourth generation. As previously, the Nube MK4 has everything you need to protect yourself and your gear from the rain, wind and insects, though in the updated version, you have also the possibility to set up on the ground when there are no trees around.

#6 Tentsile Safari Vista: tentsile.com/products/safari-vista-3-person-3-in-1-tree-tent

The Safari Vista is Tenstsile’s largest suspended shelter with 194 square feet of floor area and 880 pounds 3-person capacity. This is also a 3 in one product.

#7 Kammok Sunda 2.0: kammok.com/products/sunda2-hammock-tent

The second generation of the Kammok Sunda 2.0 improves the quality of materials and simplifies installation by integrating the rainfly into the tent body.

#8 Crua Hybrid: cruaoutdoors.com/products/crua-hybrid-hammock-tent-set
Store Link: https://amzn.to/3n7XBWp (bundle)
https://amzn.to/3BDjL6P (hammock-tent)

The Hybrid is the original tent-hammock from Crua that was first launched back in 2016, and then, was fully revised in 2018. Suitable for one person, the model is made from water-repellant and fire-retardant fabric, features an opening bug mesh screen, and gets a reflective flysheet.

#9 TreePod Lounger and Cabana: mytreepod.com/products/treepod-lounger / mytreepod.com/products/treepod-cabana
Store Link: https://amzn.to/3DPOwak (Cabana)
https://amzn.to/3mYAs8F (Lounger)

For those urban travelers who prefer to camp out in their own backyards, Treepod offers a stationary suspended shelter. This Lounger and Cabana from the Colorado-based company TreePod-Hanging Habitats was designed as an alternative to a tree house.

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