9 Motorhomes and Truck Campers with Composite Shells (Fiberglass and Carbon-Fiber Models)

Made to last forever, the fiberglass Recreational vehicles are lite, do not leak and can resist rough mechanical and weather stress. Due to their higher price tags, molded composite shells are usually used for smaller travel trailers, but in this video, we still managed to gather a list of campervans and truck RVs with similar characteristics. So if you are ready to abandon rotting wooden or leaky aluminum campers, we invite you to explore this lineup of the best new models in 2022!
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#1 Wingamm Oasi 540: wingamm.com/en/motorhome-rv/oasi-540

The story of the Italian Winghamm began in 1970s, when the company’s founders, the Turri brothers established a small business specializing in outfitting vans with furniture and equipment for camping. In 1982, the company introduced its first semi-integrated Oasi models with monocoque fiberglass bodywork, that eventually evolved into the camper that you see in front of you.

#2 Bahn Camper Works: bahncamperworks.com/products/shells

Bahn Camper Works creates fully custom campers on Ram 1500 chassis that feature a seamless monocoque construction and pack a variety of standard features.

#3 Earth Roamer LTi: earthroamer.com/new-lti/explore

Earth Roamer LTi is a carbon-fiber bodied truck camper that sits on Ford F550 4WD chassis and comes built using Vacuum Infusion process. The motorhome gets 6 versatile interior layouts, sleeping 3 to 4 people and packing all of the needed living amenities.

#4 Northern Lite Truck Camper Limited Edition: northern-lite.com

Northern Lite has accumulated 30 years of experience and embodied them in the flagship Limited Edition truck camper model.

#5 TruckHouse: truckhouse.co

Based on the Toyota Tacoma, the TruckHouse camper gets a 12-inch travel suspension, fully fabricated rear axle, and full carbon fiber camper shell with dual-pane windows.

#6 EarthRoamer XV-HD: earthroamer.com/hd/

Designed to be the pinnacle of overland vehicle luxury, the EarthRoamer XV-HD is the most capable off-grid vehicle the money can buy. The truck sits on the Ford F-750 chassis with 4WD, a 6.7L V8 Turbodiesel with 330 horses, and a number of off-road modifications.

#7 GEO-Cab: geo-cab.com

The first chapter in the success story of the German GehoCab began in 2018 with the presentation of the VW Amarok-based truck camper named Kora. Beyond 2021, the company will be expanding on the North American market.

#8 BigFoot RV: bigfootrv.com/bigfoot_rv_truck_campers.html

The BigFoot RV’s current truck camper portfolio consists of 1500 and 2500 models, that share the same light-weight two-piece fiberglass body and a high-density EPS insulation, either one or one-and-a-half inches thick.

#9 Earthcruiser MOD: earthcruiser.com/vehicles/earthcruiser-mod

The Earthcruiser My Own Design AKA MOD is a unique modular truck camper with a seamless fiberglass body. It fits mid-size and full-size campers and can be fully customized at home.

The Essentials of Camping Equipment

Camping can be a satisfying experience, avoiding the service of everyday life. However unless a camper has the ideal equipment, it might not be fairly so comfortable.

Making a Checklist Before Camping in Your Camper Trailer

A checklist assists you have all the products for your outdoor camping trip with your camper trailer. Do not rely on lists that you can print off the web.

Camping on the Beach in Western Australia

There is absolutely nothing far better than waking up in the morning to the sunlight rising and the audio of the waves crashing onto the coastline. You can rise, prepare yourself and also head down for a quick fish, or you can laze about and take pleasure in the scenery.

Researching RV Camping Parks to Visit

Many individuals that make use of neighborhood recreational vehicle outdoor camping parks have an Idea of exactly how they are set up for usage. If you have actually been to several different parks you have seen that each RV outdoor camping park is different.

Dreaming of an RV Life Can Be Fun

Imagining a perfect outdoor camping journey in a motor home? With a motor home you can check out loved ones that might live much away.

Cheap Tent – Is it Okay For Hiking?

Is a cheap outdoor tents great enough to utilize on a treking journey? Can you trust it to supply you with the appropriate security you need as you take a trip across that wild terrain? You can’t mess around with equipment when it comes to treking. Your life might depend on it.

Staying Safe and Having Fun in Your RV Trailer

There are a great deal of people starting to intend their trip with their recreational vehicle trailer. When preparing your fun and also risk-free motor home trailer journey, it will entail some drawing up your course to reach your location.

Backpacking – The Dos and Don’ts of Backpacking

It is getaway time as soon as again, and also you and your good friends are thinking about doing something special this time. Why not attempt backpacking? It is not just enjoyable and also cool, however it also is an excellent educational experience for every and also every one of you.

Using Tarps For Backpacking

There are various ways you can use lightweight tarpaulins. If you are a serious camper or like to backpack in the mountains, a tarp can be as useful as a resting bag or outdoor tents. Actually, you can really make use of a tarpaulin in location of an outdoor tents in numerous instances or at the very least for an added ground covering. Some backpacking camping tents do not have floorings, so a great tarpaulin can maintain you and also your sleeping bag from splashing.

Maintaining, Repairing and Replacing Camping Gear

Sprind implies the outdoor camping period is upon us. As we look via our camping equipment supply, we might locate that some things were not kept effectively and need to be fixed or changed. To decrease the price, we desire to fix anything we can, or if replacement is required we intend to spend as little as feasible. Right here is some great useful guidance for the outdoors person attempting to extend their camping budget. Obtain recommendations on simple repair work and exactly how to maintain that list of “required” equipment as practical as possible.

What to Look Out For With Camping Toilets

There are many wonderful pleasures connected with camping journeys but the idea of requiring the commode in the center of the night is not likely to be one of them. That’s why an increasing variety of UK customers are seeking to acquire their own camping bathrooms.

Key Camping Toilet Considerations

If you’ve ever checked out purchasing a camping commode after that you may well have located the variety of options somewhat perplexing. Many stores can be extremely practical in offering customers with recommendations. If you’re uncertain where to start, after that why not think of the crucial variables that are most likely to affect your purchasing decision.

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