9 New Truck Camper Inventions to Improve Your Overlanding Experience (ft. Pickup Compatible Models)

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We’ve got great news for you today! We are coming back to the fan-favorite topic of new truck campers. Slide in, flat bed, toppers, you name it, we have got everything! Prepare to learn about the upcoming models from the rising startups and awesome rigs from the traditional manufacturers. We wil include exterior details, interior footage, prices and specifications,
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#1 Hotomobil Gladiator: hotomobil.com.tr/gladiator-karavan

Hotomobil Gladiator is a fiberglass slide-in camper that fits all new generation double cab pickups.

#2 Loki Basecamp Ikarus 6: lokibasecamp.com/icarus-series

Loki Basecamp Ikarus 6 is a smaller model in the Ikarus lineup that gets the same amenities as the original Ikarus, but fits short-bed trucks.

#3 Backwoods Camper: backwoodscamperco.com/specs-order/

Backwoods Camper applies the idea of slide-in truck camper to a 2-door Jeep Wrangler, giving it unmatched utility and living space.

#4 2023 Thor Motor Coach Inception: thormotorcoach.com/inception

premium Super C segment and their journey begins with the impressive diesel model trademarked as Mega C. Both Thor Inception and Pasadena ride on the Freightliner chassis and have unlimited interior storage and luxury equipment.

#5 Cube Series Camper: cubeseries.com

The Cube Series Camper uses an innovative ‘folding wall’ technology with electro-actuated expansion to keep its weight low, yet still provide plenty of interior room.

#6 Wolf Rigs Patton: wolfrigs.com/what-is-the-patton

Currently a prototype, the Wolf Rigs Patton is based on the Hummer H1 chassis with standard 4×4 and a modern 3.9L Cummins Diesel paired with a 10-speed Allison transmission.

#7 Wanderbox Outpost 35: wanderbox.com/outpost/

Wanderbox Outpost 35 is an off-road and off-grid ready truck camper that uses underpinnings from Ford F600 and gets composite panel walls with all-weather capability.

#8 Rossmonster Lagom: rossmonsteroverland.com/the-lagom-series/

Rossmonster Lagom is a unique camper model that lets you to fully keep the functionality of the truck’s bed and have a real bed on the road.

#9 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X: overlandexpo.com/compass/overland-expo-debuts-ultimate-overland-vehicle-2022

For the 2023 model Year, GM trucks are making a serious claim on becoming the most well equipped machines for camping duties. This was made possible through cooperation with the American Expedition Vehicles who presented their vision of the Ultimate Overland Vehicle.

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