All-New and Trusted Motorcycle Tents Recommended by the Industry’s Experts (Buying Guide 2022)

A motorcycle can tow a travel trailer, but in practice this isn’t the most convenient and safest way for globetrotting. Therefore, when people mention motorcycle camping, more often than not a tent is viewed as the most convenient on-road shelter. In today’s episode we will feature the best tents designed specifically for this activity as well as some regular models recommended by the industry’s veterans.

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#1 Lone Rider ADV Tent:

Drawing on almost a decade of tent design and manufacture, Lone Rider has recently introduced a balanced Lone Rider ADV tent with a true 2-person capacity and specific dedication to adventure touring.

#2 Redverz Atacama:

Redverz Atacama is a third generation motorcycle tent from the company that has 3 compartments and fits a touring bike with saddlebags.

#3 Vuz Moto
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Vuz Moto is a 3-season motorcycle tent with a garage and enough space for 3 people.

#4 DARCHE Ranger Solo+:

DARCHE Ranger Solo+ is an Australian single-person tent that fits into a 20 per 14inches dry bag and features a special ‘HutchR’ storage compartment for your helmet and gear.

#5 Toucan by Wingman of The Road

Toucan by Wingman of The Road is a larger version of the brand’s Goose motorcycle camping tent. It grows in size across all dimensions and addresses the weak points of the Goose.

#6 Lone Rider Moto Tent:

This is Lone Rider’s signature product that put the manufacturer on the map of every motorbike enthusiast in North America, Europe and Australia. The MotoTent has undergone various modifications, but no concessions have been made in terms of safety, comfort and durability.

#7 Big Agnes Blacktail 2 Hotel Bikepack:

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Blacktail 2 Hotel Bikepack is designed for a travelling with a bicycle, which also makes it a very suitable solution for motorbike camping.

#8 Kelty Late Start:

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The Kelty Late Start tent is recommended by the industry veterans as one of the lightest and simplest solutions for motorcycle camping. The major purpose of the Late Start is FAST and easy setup, so you can start enjoying Mother Nature ASAP.

#9 Wolf Walker-2-3 Person Waterproof Instant Motorcycle Tent:

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Wolf Walker-2-3 Person Waterproof Instant Motorcycle Tent features aircraft-grade aluminum poles, water-, wind- and sunproof fabric, and accommodated 2 people plus a bike.

#10 Nemo Hornet:

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Nemo Hornet is the brand’s highly-rated ultralight tent, that exists in single and dual-person versions and packs into a backpack.

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