Best Beach and Outdoor Recreation Gadgets for the Summer Vacations of 2022

Summertime is upon us so it’s time to gear up with some innovative gadgets for the beach, picknics and other outdoor activities. In this episode of #MustSeeTech we will show you the coolest newcomers from this family of products that can make your vacationing even more exciting.
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#1 ICECO JPPro Series 12Volt Portable Refrigerator:

ICECO JPPro Series is the new generation of the brand’s JP Series car cooler that works as a fridge or a freezer and can be paired with a 250Wh power station for 8 hours of autonomous operation.

#2 Oru Kayak Lake

Within the vibrant segment of folding kayaks, products by the Californian company Oru are probably the most reliable and versatile. Their latest model is called the Lake; weighing just 18 pounds, it is the lightest kayak on the market – period.

#3 Aeri:

Aeri is a versatile instant canopy that weighs 17 pounds, packs into a tote, and inflates into shape in 3 minutes.

#4 XFoil: /

In 2022 adventurous souls with deep pockets can make their seaside recreation even more exciting. We introduce to you the Xfoil, a versatile 3 in 1 watercraft that can glide on the surface of the water and above it.

#5 Irontide Adventure Shorts:

Irontide Adventure Shorts are unisex clothing item that pack 15 unique features, including an IPX8 waterproof pocket.

#6 Folding Fins:

Folding Fins are innovative fins, that are suitable for swimming, snorkeling and diving. These fit any foot size and fold to occupy 3 times less space.

#7 Max Cooler:–2#/

Max Cooler is a portable 4 in 1 product, that can work as a fan, mosquito repeller, a camping lantern and a powerbank.

#8 Waydo Subnado:

Self-propelled underwater fun has never been so simple and can I say affordable. The Waydoo Subnado is an ultra-compact hand-held propulsion system with a user-friendly design.

#9 Light Repel:

Light Repel is an IPod-sized portable mosquito repeller that has 2 operation modes and provides protection against insects outdoors.

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