Best Equipment for Hiking and Camping with Your Dog (Innovative Canine Gadgets)

Research reveals that 30 percent of families camp with their dogs and more than fifty hike. If you would also like to fit into this statistic and bond with your canine on a trail, first make certain that it is properly equipped. In today’s episode of #MustSeeTech we gathered a selection of products that can guarantee that your doggo would feel completely comfortable in the wild!
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#1 Whyld River DoggyBag:

To keep your pet warm and comfy on a camping trip, Whyld River created the original Doggy Bag, a sleeping bag for your dog.

#2 Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack:
Store Link:

Before you rush to establish the hauling justice, make sure that your four-legged friend has a proper backpack. Our suggestion is the Front Range Day Pack by Ruffwear, an absolute staple in any dog’s gear closet and a customer favorite by a long shot.

#3 Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack:
Store Link: (G-Train) (Nomad) (Ruck Sack)

Thoughtfully engineered like any other daypack, the G-Train has a laptop compartment, zippered organizers and water bottle holders, but besides these essentials it also features a pet carrier compartment with a zip-open mesh top that rolls neatly out of the way.

#4 Kurgo Hydration Solutions:
Store Link: (2 in 1 Dog Travel Water Bottle) (Splash Free Wander Water Bowl) (Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl) (Zippy Bowl)

Sure, you can use any bottle to cope with your dog’s thirst, but we do recommend taking a look at Kurgo’s inventory. Currently it includes lightweight collapsible water bowls like Collaps A Bowl, Mash N’ Stash and Splash Free Wander Dog, and a gourd water bottle.

#5 Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest and Harness: /
Store Link: (Vest) (Harness)

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest and Harness are designed to keep your dog cool and active during a summer walk or a hiking trip.

#6 Veehoo Elevated Dog Beds:
Store Link: (Camping Bed)

Veehoo Elevated Dog Beds series includes 4 models: 3 aluminum framed ones that require assembly and a camping-dedicated folding bed that provide 12inch elevation.

#7 Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots:
Store Link:

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots will protect you dog’s paws when exploring the great outdoors with you.

#8 Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack:
Store Link:

Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack is practically a backpack for your dog that has been designed with input from a certified vet.

#9 Ruffwear The Basecamp Bed:

Ruffwear The Basecamp Bed is functional outdoor-proof dog bed that is easy to transport and clean.

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