Best Micro Camping Trailers that Combine Lightness with Solid Practicality (2022 Edition)

Practicality, efficiency, lightness and affordability are the key qualities required of a camping trailer to make it a true people’s product. We would argue that today’s lineup of micro campers possesses all of these, and therefore, we invite you to do some window shopping and maybe expand your personal list of favorites.
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#1 Road Warrior Campers:
The idea behind the Road Warrior Adventurer trailer was to create an affordable backpack for your motorcycle or small car. It rides on an aluminum chassis and has AL-KO IRS Axle that acts as an independent suspension.

#2 Sylvan Sport Go Camping Trailer:

Sylvan Sport Go Camping Trailer is a versatile trailer solution that accommodates 4 people and consists of 3 components – roof rack, gear deck and a pop-out tent.

#3 Runaway Campers Rouser:

With the growing network of dealerships across the US, the Florida-based Runaway Campers are pressing on with the goal to manufacture America’s most affordable travel trailers. The Rouser is built on the 6×8 platform, but unlike the square drop RangeRunner model has a standup height.

#4 Earth Traveler Campers:

The original idea behind the Earth Traveler was to create an extremely lightweight trailer that costs $10,000. Well, the lightweight part was implemented, but the resulting campers ended up costing three to four times more.

#5 Takeoff by EasyCaravanning:

Takeoff by EasyCaravanning weighs just 1210 lbs without payload, offers 3 equipment grades and sleeps 2 people inside, and 2 more in the attachable tunnel tent.

#6 Hotomobil Mohican:

Hotomobil Mohican is the company’s smallest caravan that weighs 881 lbs fully equipped, comes with a slide-out kitchen and sleeps a family of 3.

#7 Timeout Trailers Deluxe:

Timeout Trailers Deluxe is the largest model from the brand that is based on the classic Timeout, but ride on larger wheels, has more cargo room, and features a 4-inch wider bed.

#8 SportsRig Trailstomper:

SportsRig Trailstomper is a back-to-basics trailer that weighs 450 pounds, sleeps 1 to 2 people, and is able to carry up to a 1000 lbs of load.

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