Best Pickup Campers and Truck-Bed Toppers: New and Trusted Models of 2022

Somehow, gigantic pickup trucks are among the best-selling vehicles around the globe, and specifically in North America. Therefore truck bed campers belong to the most highly craved overlanding rigs on the market. So to satisfy the demand for the information of the eager buyers today we will show you a round up of the newest slide in models and topper campers that would turn any pickup truck into a capable RV!
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#1 Cube Series Camper:

Cube Series Camper is a compact slide-in camper for mid- and full-size trucks, that is equipped with an electro-actuated expansion system. It promises a 1-minute setup and expands the camper using innovative ‘folding walls.

#2 Loki Basecamp Icarus and Falcon:

LOKI has been in the design-engineer-fabrication business for 15 years, but now they have established a subsidiary in Quebec City, Canada to try out hands-on building of truck RVs. Their lineup already includes two production-ready models Icarus and Falcon Series fitting 5-, 6- and 8-feet pickup beds.

#3 Rossmonster Lagom Series:

Rossmonster Lagom Series is designed to function as lockable bed storage on the road, while accommodating two people at camp.

#4 Supertramp Flagship LT Camper:

Crafted for you by the meticulous hands of the Colorado natives Supertramp Campers, the Supertramp Flagship LT slide-in rig was designed to fit any full-size truck without interfering with its aerodynamics on the road. The shell is made of fiberglass composite.

#5 Crawler ANKA 300:

Designed to fit all double-cab trucks, Crawler ANKA 300 offers buyers a compact construction and an easily to remove mechanism, which means you can install it at a campsite and explore without the added weight.

#6 Fourwheel Campers Hawk Model:

Californian Fourwheel Capers are among the few RV producers fortunate enough to have operated for half a century now. Their latest chapter of ownership began in 2016 with the infusion of new energy and ideas into the builds. The Hawk slide-in camper is one of their best-sellers that was designed to fit on Full Sized trucks.

#7 RoverKing:

The current RoverKing camper is a lightweight model that was designed to fit mid-size trucks, but the company is working on a full-size version as well.

#8 Scout Campers:

Scout Campers currently builds 3 truck-bed camper models, the entry-level Yoho, the mid-range Olympic, and the flagship Kenai. All get similar enhancements for 2023, including new windows, roof racks and a diesel heater.

#9 Lance 975 Truck Camper:

Lance 975 Truck Camper can sleep up to 4 people, packs a dry bath, and comes equipped with an electric lift mechanism, which means you can easily park it at camp and use the truck for other tasks.

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