Birthday CAMPING in our Favourite Camspot [Creek sounds, Campfire food, Jeep Car camper] SoC 14

I have spent my Birthday Jeep Camping in my favourite Campspot in Sarabah / Queensland with our friends. Campfire food and beautiful creek running in the background.

Sounds of Camping Epidode 14 is here and we hope you enjoy it!

This episode is a little different than our usual videos as this time we have our friends with us. I have tried to tone it down and still make it a relaxing experience to watch this camping video. Hope you enjoy it!

We arrived early, before all our friends, to setup the common area and prepare the camping spot. Not long after our first guests arrived. We had a chit chat and got onto setting up our camps. One of our friends seem to like Gazebos alot, as they brought 3 of them. Looks like a Gazebo City. Once everyone settled we cooking some lunch / dinner, which was Marinated Chicken with Veggies. When we camp with friends we do more quick and easy cooking as we are busy socialising with our friends 🙂 We have finished the day with a cosy campfire chat.

More friends arrived. We went to check out beautiful surrounds of the campsite. This place is truly beautiful and magical. There were so many butterflies, it felt like a Disney movie. Unfortunately the 3 Gazebos that were setup the day before were all broken and collapsed because of strong wind gusts during the night.It was such a shame because they just bought 2 of them brand new. Our friends were almost about to leave as their whole setup was damaged, but due to much better weather and no wind at all on the second day they decided to stay and rough it out. They didn’t want to miss the good times among their friends.
We have cooked up some food for everyone to share, like crankies, pork ribs, wagyu beef and more. Alot of chatting and having fun, including some birthday singing into the late night.

Pretty much a packup day, after a relaxing coffee with nice views it was time to pack up and leave this beautiful camping place. We will be back for more for sure!

Thank you for joing us and watching our “Sounds of Camping” series.

Camping gear used:

The grill / firepit we used:

We use Bluetti 1500w version and 200w solar panels:
For Australia: (User code: ES100 for 100 aud discount)
For US / Asia:
For Europe:

Tent: Coleman 3p Swagger –
Fly / Tarp:
Small table short legged:
Coleman table inside the car:
Dog Bed: Outdoor Connection

Coleman Dual –
Coleman Northstar:

Camera: Panasonic S5 –
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 Art Lens

Our 4×4:
Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door
37 Inch tyres
3 Inch lift

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