CAMPING and RELAXING in a Rain Forest with my Dog [Campfire Cooking, Jeep Wrangler Car camper] SoC13

Camping and Relaxing in Australian D’Aguilar Rain Forest today, quite a mystical place. Car camping with our Jeep Wrangler JK in a lush and green bush. Cooking on the campfire for the whole weekend was awesome and very relaxing. Sound of crackling campfire and buzzing food was amazing.

Sounds of Camping Epidode 13 is here and we hope you enjoy it!

In this episode went deep into an Jungle. So many birds and a beautiful crystal clear creek was close to our campsite. It was such a relaxing and recharging experience. I could leave all the stress and anxiety behind and connect with the nature.

The sounds of the birds and crackling campfire was soothing and relaxing.

As soon as I arrived I have setup our camping gear the usual way. This time I decided to set my tarp up next to the Jeep and not behind it, just for a change. After I finished with the camping gear, I started the campfire. Wrapped couple of potatos and throw them into the fire. There was already a grill left at the fire pit. I have put on a kettle to boil some water for the coffee. After I enjoyed my coffee we went down to the creek with my Dog Ted to explore the area. The creek was ice cold, but walkable. It was very lush and bushy down there, I had to fight through the jungle to get to the creek.

At the creek Ted was very excited, he went from one bush to another, sniffed hundrets of different smells, it was like an adventure for him. The nature down there is just amazing, so tropical and covered from the sun. We stopped for a break in the middle of a creek. It was a nice spot. After our little break we head back to the camp. It’s time to prepare lunch.

For lunch I had Marinated Chicken with veggies (Brocollini and Paprika) plus a potato which we threw into the fire before. I added cheese to the potato, yum. It getting darker much earlier as we are in the middle of winter here in Queensland Australia. The thick forest makes it even darker. So I had quasi a lunch / dinner. It was time to turn on the fuel lanterns and get some more clothes as the temperatures drop very fast when it’s dark. Good think we had a big campfire going which kept us warm.

After alot of relaxing and chilling with Ted I decided to have another quick meal because I was hungry. It’s a quick Korean Meal, basically Eggrice with Kimchi. It’s called Gyeran Bap (황금 볶음밥) . Well it was quick and delicious. I like to go to sleep with something in the tummy.

Woken by very beautiful songs of the birds we started to packup early. Our weekend getaway was finished and me and Ted were fully recharge and ready to head back home.

Thank you so much for joining us today and we will see you in the next video!

Camping gear used:

We use Bluetti 1500w version and 200w solar panels:
For Australia: (User code: ES100 for 100 aud discount)
For US / Asia:
For Europe:

Tent: Coleman 3p Swagger –
Fly / Tarp:
Small table short legged:
Coleman table inside the car:
Dog Bed: Outdoor Connection

Coleman Dual –
Coleman Northstar:

Camera: Panasonic S5 –
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 Art Lens

Our 4×4:
Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door
37 Inch tyres
3 Inch lift

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