Cheboygan State Park Review: +THANK YOU❤, State Parks in Michigan

Hey, everyone. We recently stayed in Cheboygan State Park and we’re giving you an honest review of what we liked, didn’t like, and everything in between. Cheboygan State Park, one of many state parks in Michigan, lies just outside of Cheboygan in northern Michigan. That’s only 30 minutes southeast of Mackinaw City!!! Check out our video to see if it’s a campground you will want to check out.

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00:00 Intro
00:27 Thank YOU!
00:45 Michelle Thinks Dennis is Crazy – LOL
01:00 Cheboygan State Park Review
01:20 The size of the park and site sizes
01:41 Tents
02:11 Electrical service
02:29 Bathrooms and Showers
03:04 Cabins & TeePee’s
04:02 Things to do
04:09 Hiking
04:11 Lighthouse ruins
04:21 Kayaking
04:27 See Leviathon shipwreck
04:34 The Beach
05:13 Overall look and feel of the park
06:04 Bugs
06:51 Gravel Roads & Dust
07:29 The location
07:44 Bois Blanc Island
08:07 The city of Cheboygan
08:51 Have you been to Cheboygan State Park?
09:07 Thank you again, and a Happy Dance


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Using Your 5 Senses

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