Classic Campers and Travel Trailers with Vintage Design You Must See (2022 Edition)

If we were to single out an industry where retro design remains beyond relevant, then it must be the RV business. These shapes and forms have been popular for 70+ years and when it comes to classics there are no signs of consumer fatigue. In this episode of #MustSeeTech we will feature the coolest retro campers of 2022 that you simply cannot miss.
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#1 Happier Camper HC1 Studio:

Happier Camper HC1 Studio is an off-grid ready version of the original that comes with 2 17gallon water tanks, a wet bath, a kitchen, and 100W solar panel.

#2 Nellie Melba:

Named after a famous Australian opera-singer Nellie Melba, this retro campervan is currently available for rent through Camplify.

#3 Bowlus Lineup:

The world’s most expensive retro trailers are going through an expected refresh in 2022 to justify the ever-increasing price tags. As before Bowlus sells three models of their zeppelin shaped trailer labeled Endless highways, Endless Highways Performance Edition and Terra Firma.

#4 Eriba Touring 60:

Eriba Touring 60 Edition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the model and continues to offer traditional exterior styling paired with minimalist interior and all of the necessary cabin amenities.

#5 Kulba Woody:

Nothing beats the comfort and warmth of natural woo, therefore, just like its name Kulba Woody implies, both the outer shell and the interior of this classic teardrop are made of wood, to be specific half-inch thick Baltic birch plywood.

#6 Toyota Tacozilla:

Built by Toyota Motorsports Garage and Marty Schwerter, the Toyota Tacozilla is based on the heavily-modified Tacoma TRD Sport fitted with a retro-styled one-piece camperbox.

#7 Airstream Bambi and Caravel:

Airstream can put their globetrotting models on the advertising pamphlets all they want, but reality dictates that their most popular products are not the ones that cost over 100 grand. The Bambi and Caravel carry the iconic heritage of the brand in a compact package from 16 to 22 feet.

#8 Vintage Trailer Works Cub Classic:

Hand-built to order, each Cub Classic teardrop is unique, as it is designed specifically for each customer.

#9 Odyssey Teardrop:

Odyssey Teardrop is an aluminum and wood teardrop trailer that is currently offered in 2 modifications. The flagship one gets a tent-covered slide-out bunk bed on the front side.

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