Classic Cars and Camping: Hot Rods, Muscle Cars & Trucks, Its HOT Living in a Truck Camper LETS SWIM

Hang out with me at a classic car show with hot rods, muscle cars, truck camping and swimming in a hidden cove in a crystal clear blue lake! Tired of being hot? Order your EcoFlow Wave with my link use code HANNAHWAVE to save an extra $50. Code valid until September 31st, 2022!

0:00 Intro! It’s HOT!!!
1:06 Pancake face?
1:36 The most beautiful lake there is
2:24 Getting in the clearest water there is!
2:59 Paddle Boarding
3:57 Underwater
4:28 The Cave
5:09 How I Stay Cool in My Camper During the Summer (I’ve received lots of questions for a followup on this) Please leave any new questions you may have!
7:06 Classic Cars Everywhere! Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Pickup Trucks
8:08 Classic Bronco
8:19 The Nomad! A fun classic car to camp in!
9:01 Everyone loves a clean Woody
9:36 Stuck in a Cop Car
10:24 Classic Cars and Lightning!
10:58 Let’s get ICE CREAM!
11:38 Have you heard of a Jeepster before?!

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