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WASHINGTON — National Park Service special agents with the Investigative Services Branch are working to identify potential female victims of surreptitious recordings taken in bathroom facilities in the backcountry of Grand Canyon National Park.

In September 2020, park visitors at Phantom Ranch reported that they believed a maintenance worker had recorded them while using a toilet. The individual was subsequently fired and removed from the park. 

For the past year, agents have been working to identify the scope of the suspect’s activity. At this time, there is no indication that these images were shared or distributed by the suspect. This remains an active and open criminal matter. At the same time, the Department is conducting an internal review.

If you or someone you know used the toilets at Indian Garden along the Bright Angel Trail, on the north side of Phantom Ranch, or at the Bright Angel Campground, between November 2018 and September 2020, you are encouraged to reach out to investigators by calling (928) 318-8770 or by filling out a secure and confidential online form on the FBI’s NPS webpage to determine if you may be a victim. Victims may be eligible for certain services and rights under federal and/or state law.

NPS is dedicated to ensuring every victim of or witness to a crime that occurs in a national park is treated with dignity and respect, that they are informed of their legal rights, and provided with the support and services to which they are entitled. To support the victims of these incidents, NPS has partnered with the FBI Victim Services Division to connect victims with available services.

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Waltz Down the Matilda Highway

The Wilderness can be a ruthless location – trips require to be planned, supply stocks need to be sustained. Care and preparation is required, but also for all the initiative the rewards come significantly. And one stretch of freeway where the benefits are incredibly high is the Matilda Highway, which runs up the length of West Queensland

The Best Places to Camp in Utah

Utah camping is really an one-of-a-kind experience. From the snow came to a head mountains in north Utah to the red rocks of southerly Utah, there is a place for each sort of camper. Utah has over 7,000 developed campgrounds and also countless other locations you might camp by yourself.

Bear & Animal Country – Food Handling & Storage

Animals are gnarly little pests. They’ll quit at nothing for that Chips-A-Hoy or Pringle. Bears, extra significantly, posture an excellent risk to themselves if they are caught looting permanently. Often, they are removed and shot as well as labeled a nuisance. Take precautionary steps the next time you make a decision on an outdoor camping dish whether you are camping in the great old United States or abroad in an unique land, such as Morocco.

Enjoy Family Camping and the Great Outdoors

Camping together as a family members can be a neat journey, a great deal of fun and a prime opportunity to bring the family closer together. A lot of households enjoy to camp however really miss the absence of comfort that in some cases comes along with camping.

RV Travel Spots to See

Recreational vehicle camping uses the best in adaptability and you can delight in most of the eases of going to house. It likewise supply the chance to go to spost you may otherwise miss in your life. A wise guy as soon as stated “A vacationer soaks up the globe he takes a trip with, A visitor only sees what he pertained to see.” Be a tourist, come on.

The Basics of Tents For Camping

I have actually composed a variety of posts on the enjoyment that outdoor camping can offer a fun filled up family vacation weekend break. I assume it brings a household more detailed with each other as well as really gets you in contact with the setting. OK so it will not make you go hug trees or anything yet being outdoors as well as just taking it all in is actually enjoyable.

Fitting a New Dometic RM123 RM122 in a VW Campervan Or Replacement of Old Electrolux RM123 RM122

The RM122 2 means gas 12 volt outdoor camping fridge and also the RM123 3 way main/gas/12 volt camping refrigerators are popular in the traditional VW camper vans. Classic being VW divided screen (as much as around 67/68), bay home window (as much as around 1980) and also now the VW T25 (approximately around 1990). Many of the older conversions utilized the original Electrolux RM122 or RM123 models.

Improved Camping Toilets

What’s the worst thing regarding a camping journey? Is it the risk of poor weather condition? That’s certainly a concern, however for lots of people the largest concern surrounds using toilet facilities.

Finding Folding Camping Toilets

It’s pouring down with rain outdoors and you’re embeded an outdoor tents. You know that the camp site area will certainly be obtaining even more and a lot more sloppy too, as it appears to have actually been raining for hrs.

Finding New Camping Solutions

My enjoyment of outdoor camping trips and also holidays has actually typically been spoiled in the past by little niggles that often tend to become huge nuisances. I have actually usually believed that there are negative aspects to such journeys that it need to be possible to prevent.

Camping Tents and Bears – How and Why to Keep Them Separated

I’ll never fail to remember when my 75 years of age grandmother was out on her cattle ranch in western Colorado and also faced a family of bears. She was out on her ATV and quit to take pleasure in the views when she noticed that there were several young cubs to her right. Being a skilled outdoors individual she knew the mother could not be far.

Buying Folding Camping Toilets Online

Although I appreciate camping holidays there is one facet of them that never ever stops working to pest me. The thing that I really hate is the criterion of bathroom centers that are offered at camp sites.

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