I QUIT Boat Life! Can you REALLY live on a Yacht for $500/month? Living in a Truck Camper is Better

Can you REALLY live on a boat for $500 a month? Why I quit boat life and 5 ways to live on a boat! Click here https://sbird.co/3zVgbqw and use my code DRSTRAIGHT to get 55% OFF your first month at Scentbird. Currently only available in the US & CA.

0:00 Welcome out on the water!
0:29 A day in boat life
0:48 Paddle out and surfing!
1:50 Showering at a marina
2:13 I caught a fish!!!
2:25 Wake surfing? Wake Boarding? Wake surf boarding?
2:54 Can you REALLY live on a boat for $500/month?
3:47 Do I smell?
4:55 Why I QUIT boat life
6:40 Tour of my 40′ yacht
8:35 New off grid cabin
8:49 The 2nd cheapest way to live on a boat – living on a boat on a mooring ball!
10:11 The infamous Dinghy Dock
10:49 The 3rd way to live on a boat – at a marina
11:08 How much does it cost to keep your boat at a marina
11:39 I’ve been keeping a SECRET – the 4th method of boat life
12:07 A fairytale
12:27 The last way of living on a boat
12:51 Bye bye for now..

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This month, I tried:
Buttercup Babe by Kensie https://sbird.co/3pz7FHV
Midnight Silhouette by Christian Siriano https://sbird.co/3QJXADM
Just Bloom by Storie Veneziane by Valmont https://sbird.co/3c76XP7
Be Delicious by DKNY https://sbird.co/3Ahln72

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