Innovative Clothing and Smart Jackets that Present the New Fashion of the Future

Clothes of the 21st century has to be stylish, practical and innovative. These characteristics can’t be found on a catwalk and instead should be looked for in the workshops of young brands that combine fashion with science. In this episode of #MustSeeTech we will briefly cover futuristic jackets and other pieces of clothing that possess ground breaking capabilities.
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#1 BauBax 3.0
BauBax 3.0 is multi-function travel jacket that rocks a minimalist, casual look and offers 15 different features.

#2 The Commuter
Face, ears and neck protection have been merged into a single piece of clothes by the young clothing brand Emberhurst. The Commuter was created to protect our face and neck. It incorporate 15 different features and addresses all the issues other products choose to ignore.

#3 Irontide Adventure Shorts
The apparel solution offered by Irontide makes a lot of sense to me. The so-called all-terrain adventure shorts were designed as a unisex clothing item with unique 15 features. Among them are odor control, water drainage system, moisture wicking, water repelling, UV ray protection, high breathability.

#4 Wear Graphene Gamma
Wear Graphene Gamma is graphene jacket that gets 3 built-in carbon-fiber heating elements, that can be juiced by any power-bank.

#5 Bucqle
Bucqle is a tiny buckle that replaces a traditional belt and tightens your pants and skirts to the perfect fit around the waist.

#6 Homi 2.0
Homi 2.0 collection includes jacket and pants that feature Japanese carbon fiber, infrared heating tech and 2 thermo-regulative long sleeves for extra warmth.

#7 Skadi Goat Mitt
Skadi Goat Mitt is developed by the Canadian startup of the same name, using superior materials and some NASA-sourced tech.

#8 HCK4R
HCK4R is a heating jacket that gets Graphenecore™ heating technology juiced by a detachable power bank.

#9 PANGEA Eco Jacket
This young startup has already successfully funded three campaigns, including the Bamboo Travel Towel and now the Pangea Eco Jacket. This item was designed for adventures and gets a lifetime warranty.

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