J.W. Speaker 6145 LED fog lights vs stock – test, install, soldering and wiring on Jeep JK

Hi everyone,
Installed my new J.W. Speaker LED fog lights (6145) and was pretty impressed with the light output. Video contains test, install, soldering and wiring of the lights on my Jeep Wrangler JK

You can see a comparison to stock fog lights at the end of the video!

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Cooking With Sunshine – Reduce Burns and Increase Camping Fun!

Camp fire cooking is among the highest possible dangers to children – burns, flaming debris and also smoke inhalation. Using a solar stove removes these dangers, as well as is likewise an enjoyable method to instruct kids about sustainable living and also solar innovations.

Consider Taking a Camping Holiday on Your Next Vacation

Going on a vacation and taking a trip should be best times where you can go and also relax without having to make a lot of decisions and without being constantly pounded with distractions. If you determine to visit a resort in a big downtown city then you must prepare to have street sounds and emergency sirens maintain you awake during the night. You ought to prepare to have to stroll a lengthy way and also pay a great deal of money for a suitable dish.

Vacation Ideas for the Summer

Are you considering taking the entire household on that particular exceptional cross-country journey this summer season time? Maybe you have been having dreams concerning this for a long time as well as at long last your children are at the suitable age to take pleasure from it. Renting out a motor home for a substantial family getaway might be a fantastic means to spend the summer season.

Camping In The Snow – Helpful Tips

The winter might not be as enjoyable as the summer season, but there are still plenty of points to do. You can go ice skating, snowboarding, snowboarding, as well as also camping. Going camping during the winter months will get rid of the threats of insects, ticks, and various other dangerous pests. Although the temperature level is cooler, outdoor camping in the snow will certainly provide a special elegance that can not be matched by any kind of other environments. Listed here are some practical pointers for taking a trip outdoors throughout the winter.

Can You Live In A Camper Trailer Year Round?

Whether you have been struck by the traveling pest or the recession, a camper trailer is a wonderful methods of budget plan accommodation and also reduced price traveling. But is it something that can be usage (or managed) all year?

How To Dress For Winter Camping

Wintertime camping can be equally as fun as summertime outdoor camping. There are no bugs, pesky critters, as well as various other annoyances that can be found throughout the summertime. There is additionally a lot less individuals throughout the wintertime, making it an excellent paradise for individuals who such as to hike in remote areas. However, winter months outdoor camping can become hazardous if you are not effectively prepared. Detailed listed below are some basic guidelines for dressing during winter months outdoor camping.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Grey Water Tank Closed?

We all recognize that we maintain the black water storage tank closed and discard it when it has to do with 2/3’s complete. Yet the grey water storage tank fills out so promptly from the sinks and shower that it appears like a good concept to leave it open to drain. Well the first factor is that once you have drained pipes the black water tank, you require your grey tank full in order to eliminate the sewer pipe.

Into Africa – Luxury Tented Safari Camping in the Masai Mara

For my initial safari, I was as prepared as any individual for my journey into deep, dark Africa. You name it, I took it. I had adequate medication to open a tiny facility. But as I soon uncovered, hairstyles, makeup, as well as elegant safari attire came to be unimportant in the African bush. All that mattered was the abundant fragrance of Africa’s flowers, the pleasant smiles of the people who lived there, the extraordinary wildlife, and the magnificent views.

5 Features of The Perfect Hiking Tent

Hiking is a prominent pastime for many individuals. Some individuals have it as a regular practice or a yearly practice. When treking, individuals take a number of days prior to obtaining to the summit or prior to reaching their destination in the hills. These hikers should have an excellent hiking outdoor tents to sleep and relax in and to protect them from the wind and also the weather condition up in the hills.

How to Prepare For Your Camping Trip

The 2011 Outdoor camping season is coming fast. Are you prepared?

Replacing The Katadyn Hiker Pro Cartridge

Despite how great an item is, there is always something to change. The Katadyn Hiker Pro filter must also be changed from time to time to make sure that water is safe to consume alcohol. You will likewise discover in this post exactly how to change the cartridge and extend its life.

How to Pitch a Vango Tempest 200 Tent

Do you have a freshly gotten Vango Tempest 200 outdoor tents of your own? If so, you might have an interest in discovering exactly how to pitch it. Really, that would not have to be an issue.

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