Leg 53: Midland to Parry Sound, ON

Our four hour cruise from Midland to Parry Sound was a beautiful day of cruising on Georgian Bay, and was the 53rd leg of our Great Loop adventure. It was a Sunday, so the waterway was busy with boats as we weaved between rocks. This is one of the most interesting Google Earth views of our track yet! Navigation looks challenging from the overhead view, but the channels are well-marked and we carefully reviewed our planned course before leaving to help ensure we’d arrive in Parry Sound without incident. Be sure to time your arrival at the swing bridge just before Parry Sound. It only opens every two hours, so you can be in for a long wait.

America’s Great Loop is a 6,000-mile boating adventure taking Loopers up the U.S. east coast, up the Hudson River, into the New York and Canadian Canals, through the Great Lakes, down the inland rivers, and through the Gulf of Mexico. Most take about a year to complete the route aboard their own boats.

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