Living in a Ford F250 Truck Camper: I BROKE My Truck Now I’m STUCK, Camping, Swimming, BIG SURPRISE!

I broke my truck, here’s what I’m going to do next. Also, I swam in a beautiful lake and have a BIG SURPRISE at the end=) Check out the EcoFlow DELTA 2. Use my code HannahDelta2 for 8% off your DELTA 2 until October 16th!

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Try my coffee!!

0:00 My truck is BROKEN
1:06 How I broke it!
2:23 Secret cove swimming
5:14 Welcome inside
5:57 Brand NEW DELTA 2, not just a battery!
7:18 Cooking, guess what I’m making tonight?
10:42 BIG SURPRISE!!!!
(I have, 2 or 3 huge surprises coming but for now, this is just a small preview to one of them=)!!

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