Living in a Truck Camper – Paddle Boarding in a THUNDERSTORM! Van Life Camping Full Time

I got caught truck camping in a storm that I was not quite expecting! Lightning is no joke! Thank you RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding for sponsoring! Visit to get 20% off your mattress with code drhannah

Truck camping and paddle boarding – a perfect off road summer activity – until a surprise thunderstorm pops out of nowhere and brings in rain, lightning, wind and THUNDER!

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Try my mushroom coffee!

0:00 Last Week I Caught Some Fish and Saw These Amazing Ocean Giants!
2:22 I Need A Ride?
2:47 Found this off road trail that supposedly goes up to a bunch of creepy crawlies!!
4:21 I Fixed my Truck Camper!!!
5:38 Delicious Lunch
7:33 Try a Bite!
7:44 Paddle Boarding
7:57 360 Degree Paddle Boarding in a storm!
8:12 Storm Starts Rolling In
8:49 The STORM is HERE
9:43 Thunder and Lightning, my Favorite!
10:07 Did it SNOW?
10:30 On the lake with my Fishin Pole! Met a Viewer=)
11:56 Crazy Sunset!

Thanks so much for watching!

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