Lost in the Jungles of Tulum – Cenote Cave Swimming in Mexico – Taking a Quick Break from Van Life

Lost in the Yucatan Peninsula, I’ve been wandering the jungle now for a week getting eaten alive by mosquitos but I’ve come across something spectacular!

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Today I’m so excited to bring you on a new adventure! This adventure is a little different than usual, took a quick break from van life and decided to take a trip down south to the Yucatan Peninsula. I was able to meet up with one of my very close friends – I haven’t seen her in so long and I was able to explore these spectacular hidden cenotes only found in this area of the world.

Cenotes are even more beautiful than I could imagine or show you through my camera lens, they are truly like no other creation I’ve ever seen – they’re so special. Hot springs are normally my go to but I can truly see where cenotes will hold a special place in my heart. If only I was able to visit more frequently so I could show you more of these hidden aquatic caves. With over 6000 said to exist there are so many to see with each boasting unique characteristics. I would love to return and scuba dive between the hidden underwater tunnels and learn more about the Mayan culture as they held these cenotes

One of the only downfalls was the MOSQUITOS – I got eaten alive – never take for granted the power of bug spray. More on that later! After a week in an extremely humid climate I’m ready to head back to the Sierra! I will however return for more cenote adventures – just going to go in a full bug suit.

Don’t worry my seven superfood mushroom is still in the making, the mushrooms are almost done growing for my next batch – make sure to keep an eye out for them so you don’t miss the restock!!

Camping Cots – Helping You to Achieve Ultimate Relaxation

As you grow older and older, you are deprived from having remainder. All you think is work and work due to the obligations you have on your shoulders. But then, you can not reject the truth that you are wanting to provide yourself a time to kick back and also take pleasure in.

While You’re Chasing Your Dreams to Success Remember to Take Time For Play

The other day night I sat at my campsite enjoying the children having fun on the play ground throughout the way, as well as an acquainted idea delved into my mind. It’s a concept that I need to advise myself of rather commonly. That suggestion is, “Success in life requires working hard toward your objectives, however along the way remember you require time to play.”

Campgrounds and RV Parks in Florida

Florida is a really fascinating state of America located in the southeastern location. It shares its border with Alabama in the northwest as well as with Georgia in the north. Much of this state comes under a huge peninsula. Florida has lots of amazing campgrounds and motor home parks which can be checked out by the travelers all the year around.

Camping Toilets That Are Built to Last

Camping commodes have actually become a central demand for many individuals when they are intending an outdoor camping journey. Locating a portable toilet that provides the stability that you desire which is constructed to last will be crucial – you’ll be trying to find an item that you can make use of for years to come.

Finding Folding Camping Toilets Online

The idea of taking place an outdoor camping journey need to be a pleased one, however a raising number of people are being placed off by a variety of issues. Paying attention to what lots of need to say, it’s clear that low quality toilet centers are usually at the top of their list of complaints.

Using Folding Toilets When Camping

Several of us like to see brand-new gadgets as well as camping accessories, however exactly how lots of brand-new styles are actually needed? In this article we take a look at the expanding rate of interest in camping toilets, analyzing why increasingly more people are relying on folding toilet services.

Improving Your Camping Experience

If you’ve ever questioned why other individuals enjoy camping journeys so much after that it’s most likely that you have actually never ever reached grasps with what makes them so much fun. Having a fantastic camping vacation experience is everything about preparation ahead of time and afterwards being able to loosen up when you arrive.

Choosing the Right Camping Cot

Camping is a wonderful way to unwind but each day at camp can be as challenging on one’s body as it is electrifying. So, as a camper, you need to assume about the best way for you to have adequate sleep as well as time to relax after all the enjoyable. And an excellent camping cot will certainly get the job done.

Top 10 Camping Tips

All of us enjoy to take a break and also take a rest. We enjoy to explore nature at its beautiful elegance. Normally speaking, we enjoy to camp.

10 Questions to Ask When Shopping For Summer Camp to Make Sure Your Camp is Not Closing

So … did you get on that early riser unique as well as register your youngster for summertime camp back in January? The economy is challenging on summertime camps, numerous will shut. Will you obtain your cash back if a summer camp closes? Exactly how can a summer camp customer shield themselves?

Apple River Tubing and Camping

There’s no much better location to spend a summertime weekend than at the Apple River. Each year, the Apple brings in hundreds of individuals. Tubes, outdoor camping, and also watersliding, among various other facilities, make the location an appealing mini-vacation.

Safety on the Mountain

One of the very best aspects of South Africa is the variety that the country uses its own citizens. Who requires to head to Australia for the browse when our very own coastlines supply some of the searching hotspots of the world?

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