Man lives 2 years in a Mini Van and builds out Amazing Modular Camper that is Everything he Needs.

A couple years ago I filmed a tour of Mikes minivan ( ) and at the time he was living in the same dodge caravan but with a quick build that he made over a weekend. He loved it and said at one point that he wouldn’t change anything. 2 years later I met with him again as he was travelling east and I was travelling west across Canada and he showed me this Modular minivan camper that took him around 14 days total to build. Every component in his build can be moved around and taken out as needed or wanted and he even still has access to one of his stow and go passenger seats. His build is a creative testimony to what is possible in a small space and is one of the many DIY builds out there that make me love Mini vans as a one person micro dwelling.
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