Most Innovative Backpacks for Work, Vacations and Camping in 2022 (Info for Buyers)

We’ll always need to carry things around and backpacks will always be seen as top helpers at that. To make sure that these transportation duties are done in style and with ease, manufacturers constantly come up with innovative ways how to improve backpacks. Today I would like to cover the newest models for work, vacations and camping that are delivered by the industry’s youngest and bravest enterprises.
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#1 Honu by 19 Degrees North:

Honu by 19 Degrees North is a cooling backpack that uses NASA-adapted tech, labeled ThermaCore active cooling.

#2 BN50X Rescue Backpacks:

Beyond Nordic is a young Swedish company that develops the next generation hiking gear. The BN50X Rescue Expedition Backpacks are available in 35 and 55 liter volumes.

#3 DAM Bag:

DAM Bag is a lightweight functional backpack that has nearly 20 storage compartments and a cooler.

#4 Drankful:

If you are seriously into outdoor running, a simple hydration pack or vest won’t impress you. However, the Drankful stealth hydration vest developed by a new Nashville startup just might.

#5 Patagonia Disperser Roll-Top Pack 40L:

Designed for day-long hikes, extended expeditions, and rafting, the Patagonia Disperser Roll-Top Pack 40L is made from 100-percent recycled materials. It also has waterproof body, watertight roll-top, and non-absorbent shoulder straps.

#6 Ultima 22:

Ultima 22 is a three-in-one multipurpose backpack that folds down to a size of a water bottle and weighs 10 ounces.

#7 Ominira Urban Travel Backpack:

Ominira Urban Travel Backpack is a 2in1 backpack that features 3 compartments, including the detachable travel pack at the middle.

#8 Waterproof Backpack:

A waterproof backpack would be irreplaceable for such hobbies like kayaking and paddleboarding. For these enthusiasts Breakwater supply have designed the Explorer backpack with 100% waterproofing qualities.

#9 Magiik:

The Magiik bag can be used as a 15-inch laptop carrier backpack or as a 13 inch sling messenger. It is made of 500D water repellent synthetic material and has multiple patent pending solutions.

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