Most Innovative Bionic Gadgets and Smart Wearable Devices that You Must See

Our future will inevitably be intertwined with bio engineering and body augmentation. But before we get there lets explore at #MustSeeTech those bionic gadgets and smart wearables that already exist.

Gravity Industries:

By wearing the Jet Suit by Gravity Industries you can come close to becoming the Iron Man. This personal jet pack can fly at 80 miles per hour and reach altitudes close to 12,000 feet.

Atmo Blue Clean Air:

Atmo Blue Clean Air is a smart and comfy alternative to a single-use mask that basically works as a wearable air purifier.


E-Knee is battery-powered support brace, that will help you knees during daily activities and high-intensity exercises. It has 7 sizes and can work for 28 hours before needing to charge.


LIVALL EVO21 is a smart helmet for biking that is equipped with all-around lighting for braking, turning, and lighting up the way in front.

Dorsum Exospine:

Dorsum Exospine was created to prevent back pain and help people develop a good posture during their every-day activities.

CIRRUS bicycle airbag jacket:

In 2022, one more group of riders, which is also the fastest growing can become more protected on the public roads. The Cirrus Bicycle Airbag Jacket is the first product of its kind designed specifically for cyclists.

SprayCare Band:–3#/comments

SprayCare Band is a smart gadget designed to disinfect you hands and surfaces that you are about to touch.

Arpara Headset:

The arpara is a 5K VR headset that provides unparalleled visuals with 5120 by 2560 pixels resolution and 3514 PPI, so becoming a part of the movie action or immersing yourself into the work or game environment has never been so realistic.

Oxama Diving:

The Oxama on the other hand is the first speaking oximeter diving computer that can provide many environmental and biometric data in real time. This patent-pending device consists of two modules.

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