Most Innovative Inflatable Campers that You Must See – Large RV out of Thin Air?

How do you keep your camper extremely light and compact? Well, how about making it out of air? In this episode of #MustSeeTech we will cover the emerging family of inflatable campers. These have great potential to blow up overlanding capabilities of any RV rig in minutes.
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#1 Space X Air Mars Camper

In an attempt to replicate the success story of its home market rival Opus, Mars Campers are also mounting an inflatable tent system onto their hybrid caravan frame. The flagship Space X Air Mars Camper product has fully automatic opening, stabilizing and inflating.

#2 AMC x Heimplanet Cloudbreak

AMC x Heimplanet Cloudbreak is an inflatable truck-tent that was developed specifically to fit the upcoming, electric Wolf trucks.

#3 Air Opus 2/4

Despite the willingness of Australian Opus to expand into more traditional classes of caravan trailers, their original Air Line remains the flagship product. The Op2 and Op4 sleep up to 4 and six people respectively and have a setup time of less than 5 minutes.

#4 Gentle Tent GT Pickup

Gentle Tent GT Pickup is an inflatable RTT for mid-size trucks with a bed length under 63 inches. The model sleeps 3, comes equipped with 2 mattress, and gets a standard telescopic ladder.

#5 Bürstner Lyseo Gallery

Bürstner Lyseo Gallery debuts an inflatable Class C alcove that effectively turns it into a duplex on wheels.

#6 Air Opus OP Lite

Air Opus OP Lite is the smallest and therefore the lightest camper by the Australian manufacturer. It weighs 2,380 pounds but still carries all of the buyer’s favorite amenities.

#7 Flated Air Topper

Developed as a compact and affordable shelter for trucks, the Air Topper is an all-weather capable inflatable camper that is available in 3 sizes.

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