Most Innovative Suitcases and Bags for Smarter Travels (New Products Edition)

There is hope that the world has finally opened up, so the time has come to restock your arsenal of suitcases, travel bags and backpacks. In this video we will show you the newest and most innovative luggage solutions available today that can significantly improve the quality of your travels or every day commutes.

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#1 Kabuto Trunk and Backpack:

By the startup standards, the New York based Kabuto is an experienced company since this is their third project. The Trunk is a missing piece in their lineup of innovative luggage solutions.

#2 Dakota:

Dakota from the Switzerland-based Driibe is claimed to be the world’s first fully convertible bag.

#3 Taskin Explorer:

Coming your way from San Francisco, the Explorer and the One are Taskin’s latest products. The former is a wheeled convertible & expandable carry-on backpack, while the latter is the new generation of a more traditional 9-in-1 backpack.

#4 Kincase:

When creating this backpack, Kingsons Prime Team made sure that it would have an uncomplicated design yet unparalleled anti-theft features. The Kincase is made of the Level 5 cut proof fabric which also ensures water resistance.

#5 Skyvalet:

SkyValet is an airline and TSA-approved smart luggage that rides on unique shark wheels and offers 4 colors and 4 sizes.

#6 Cache:

Cache is a sling-pack/duffle hybrid, that offer 13 or 36L of interior space and can be carried across your back, on the shoulder or in hand.

#7 Lito Foldable Suitcase:

Lito Foldable Suitcase is offered in two sizes, with 4 foldable interior panels and minimum width of 5.9inches.

#8 Montage:

As versatile as your life, the Montage bag was designed for all of the moment when you want to highlight your personal style. The LA manufacture uses Eco friendly Premium Portuguese cork leather produced from living trees.

#9 Origami 4-in-1 Tote:

Origami 4-in-1 Tote is the creation of the Nomad Lane, also responsible for the revolutionary Bento Bag that debuted in 2018.

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