NEW Innovative Footwear and Smart Shoes of 2022 (Must See Products)

We are long past the times when our shoes had to perform two simple tasks: be comfortable and match the look. Today’s footwear simply must possess advanced technological solutions that would make it either smart, waterproof, ergonomic or all of the above. In this video we would like to make a quick overview of the innovative shoes from crowdfunding platforms as well as already established manufacturers.

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#1 Powerlace:–2#

The Powerlace is the world’s first auto-lacing shoe that uses a body-weight triggered mechanism rather than an electronic system.

#2 Sockwa X10:

The ultralight Sockwa X10 are slip-on shoes with laces that allow you to experience barefoot walking while also protecting and supporting your feet.

#3 Flex 2.0:

Flex 2.0 represents a new generation of Tefords Flex shoe that gets anew recycled outsole and all-round padding, that provides sneaker-like comfort.

#4 Slowdown Sneakers:

Hirundo Slowdown Sneakers are carbon-neutral shoes that use only certified, sustainable materials and are handmade in Portugal.

#5 Anamoly MTB Shoe Redefined:–2#/

Anamoly MTB Shoe Redefined features proprietary composition Hero rubber that allows your feet to adhere to the bike pedals and minimizes slipping.

#6 Rens NOMAD:

The Rens Nomad 2.0 is the new generation of the performance shoe that has the 100% waterproof membrane system labeled Aquascreen 3.0.

#7 LightCity Massage Sneakers:

LightCity Massage Sneakers are 100% waterproof breathable shoes that prevent ankle sprains, cushion your feet and massage them using stomp impact.

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