New Offroad Trailers Built to Endure the Toughest Backcountry Trips

Indestructible steel chassis, independent suspension, rugged wheels and tough exterior panels that will brush off any beating. This is a brief description of today’s lineup of campers. We will show you off-road ready travel trailers that were released for the 2022 camping season sporting latest design choices and engineering solutions.
Let’s travel across the unknown deserts, traverse deep creeks and taste some mud! Before we depart, though, subscribe to #MustSeeTech! We’re rolling!

#1 Boreas EOS-12 2022:

The inaugural compact squaredrop camper by this Colorado-based manufacturer was named Boreas XT after the Greek god of north wind. So naturally, its larger 12 feet version will be called Eos after the Greek goddess of the dawn and mother of Boreas.

#3 Bruder EXP8:

The all-new Bruder EXP-8 is the biggest, roomiest and most advanced model with 4 sleeping spots and an interior kitchen. This flagship rides on an airtight chassis and the proprietary air suspension.

#3 Signature Deluxe II:

Signature Deluxe II is the toughest little camper in company’s range. In 2022, it adds a new specially tuned coil and twin-shock suspension system from Lovells and new mud-terrain tires.

#4 CAMPINAWE by Infusion Design:

The Campinawe is an in-house brand of the American infusion design that absorbs the expertise collected through decades of dedicated work. The welded steel powder coated chassis is mounted on 15 inch Black Mod steel wheels with all terrain tires.

#5 Antishanty RR1:

Antishanty RR1 is a new rigid roof model from the company, that rides on an aluminum frame, Timbren axle-less suspension and 17-inch wheels wrapped into all-terrain 29-inch rubber from BFGoodrich.

#6 Taxa Outdoors Topo Designs Edition Woolly Bear:

Taxa Outdoors Topo Designs Edition Woolly Bear wears a special red, black, and white paint scheme and badging. It also gets 3 bags from Topo Designs: the 16 Liter Mountain pack, the 10L modular Pack bad, and the 48 Gear bag.

#7 Valkari Overland X1:

Valkari Overland X1 brings Australian trailer vibe into the European camper scene. It features a hot-dip galvanized chassis, independent suspension and insulated dual-layer aluminum body.

#8 Camp Cube:

Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, the Camper Cube is a modular lifestyle system that could be used as a builders trailer or a platform for toy hauling, but for the weekends it can transform into a fully equipped travel camper.

#9 BluMobile by BluOasis:

BluMobile by BluOasis is a Humvee-based off-grid trailer that can harvest solar energy and distill 10-gallons of water per day from the atmosphere.

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