NEW Portable Kitchens and Stoves for Cooking Delicious Meals at a Сampsite

When you are out in the wild, eating cold canned food or dry rations is a viable solutions for sustenance, but is it anyone’s idea of a dream vacation? I say definitely not. Therefore, in this episode of must see tech we will cover the most innovative new cooking systems and portable camping kitchens that would solve all of your gourmet needs.
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#1 iKamper’s Disco Series:

iKamper’s Disco Series includes a tripod, a single-burner stove, a mini table and a cast iron skillet with handles.

#2 Magma Crossover Series:

Despite its portability this modular system from Magma can grant you a truly premium cooking experience. The Crossover Series is a 304 brushed stainless steel mini kitchen that can be mounted onto a Magma Quadpod or a car’s hitch.

#3 Solo Stove Pi:

Solo Stove Pi is a wood-fire pizza oven that has a demi-dome construction, a convenient panoramic opening and a half an inch cordierite stone inside.

#4 Camportable:

Camportable is a Polish startup that designed an all-in-one kitchen solution for travelers. It is compatible with any car or camper.

#5 GoSun Sizzle:

GoSun Sizzle is a solar oven that will feed 4 to 5 people in 30 minutes. It can cook at temps reaching 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

#6 Firebox 4 Freestyle:

Firebox 4 Freestyle is a modular camping stoves that can be setup in 6 ways, including a small tri-torch, a larger field kitchen or an octagon fire pit.

#7 Arnaud Firetower: /

Successfully funded through Kickstarter, the Firetower comes from the Belgium designer Arnaud Desseyn and his personal brand By Arnaud. It is a lightweight foldable rocket stove that could be manufactured out of 304 stainless steel or titanium.

#8 Viva Plus Gen Stove:

Viva Plus Gen Stove performs all of the cooking functions of a regular camp stove, but also recharged the supplied battery pack harvesting the residual heat from the fire.

#9 Trayvax Ration:

This properly named cooking kit was created for the survivalists or spontaneous adventurers. The Trayvax Ration is a simple and portable solution for hot food cooking on the fly.

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