NEW Rooftop Tent Models Made to Expand Your Camping Capabilities in 2023

Living on top of the world sounds like a dream and I say that the easiest way to fulfill this dream is not by buying a penthouse on Manhattan. Instead, I suggest going camping with one of the new roof top tents that we are about to present. This convenient second story dwelling for the outdoors opens up panoramic views and saves you from ants, cold and dampness of the ground.

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#1 Roof Space One:

The German Roof Space One maximizes the space offered by hard-shell RTT by using its lid as a second part of the floor. It requires a minute to setup and has canvas wall with windows on each side.

#2 Crua AER:
Store Link: (AER) (AER Maxx)

Already in full production, Crua AER tent is offered in 2 modifications: the Aer for 2 or 3 people, and the Aer Maxx accommodating up to 5.

#3 Tedpop:

TED Outdoors is a small outdoor equipment startup from South Korea, that has successfully crowdfunded the inaugural hard-shelled RTT in 2021. In the upcoming months they will begin customer deliveries of the Ted Pop to the initial 1500 backers.

#4 Skycamp 3.0 Series:

The winner of the red dot design award, the 3.0 hardshell is their newest 4-person tent. It weighs 165 pounds and fits SUVs, long sedans, and truck bed racks. The Skycamp 3.0 has a side opening design, signature fold-out extension panel.

#5 Yakima SkyRise HD:

Yakima has recently passed its 40th anniversary of dominating the segment of outdoors gear from the Pacific Northwest. The latest addition to the SkyRise Family of RTTs the Yakima Skyrise HD Medium intends to become the ultimate mobile base camp in any season.

#6 ARB Esperance Hard Shell RTT:

ARB Esperance is the brand’s first hard shell RTT that minimizes setup time and comes equipped with an internally stored telescopic ladder.

#7 SylvanSport Loft:

SylvanSport Loft is a 2-person tent that is suitable for the company’s GoEasy trailer as well as your car’s roof.

#8 c6outdoor Rev Tent: /

c6outdoor Rev Tent can be mounted on the ground, in your truck’s bed or on the roof of your vehicle. To accomplish the latter, you will need to own a platform-style roof rack or opt for the company’s Rev Platform.

#9 Terrapod Solo:

Terrapod Solo is single-person RTT that takes less space that a regular model and weighs just 85 lbs. It supplies with an 8.5feet telescopic ladder.

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