New Tiny Homes that Would Make You Want to Abandon A Residential House

In the past houses on wheels were viewed as an inconvenient residential necessity, but these days downsizing often has no connection with the financial restrictions. Many people choose these houses for the freedom of life on the move or as an alternative to traditional campervans and motorhomes. This episode of #MustSeeTech will explore the newest tiny homes that open their doors to the adventurous homeowners, who want to be closer to nature and want to save the trouble of owning a full-size building.
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#1 2023 Living Vehicle:

Through a couple of years of evolution, the LV has turned into the most powerful trailer on Earth. It is built on a commercial heavy-duty platform that implements marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. In 2023 the Living Vehicle introduces a new water generating system.

#2 Timbercraft Tiny Homes The Teton:

Timbercraft Tiny Homes The Teton is a 4-person model that has classic Timbercraft exterior styling, clever interior space-saving solutions, and all of the necessary modern amenities.

#3 Wind River Tiny Homes Pingora:

Wind River Tiny Homes Pingora gets 24- and 30-feet layouts, with a reverse loft and studio-like design.

#4 Land Ark Quattro:

Land Ark Quattro is a 2-person tiny home designed and built in CO, that comes fully furnished and appliance for full-time living.

#5 Mint Canada Goose:

Canada Goose from Mint Tiny House Company is 41-feet home-trailer that has 2 or 3 bedrooms, accommodating a family of 4 to 8 people.

#6 Baluchon Piccola Casa:

Baluchon Piccola Casa is 20-feet towable home that has wood and aluminum bodywork and modern interior with a rustic vibe.

#7 Minimaliste Houses Nomad:

Minimaliste Houses Nomad is developed to offer buyers an actual travelling house with solid off-grid potential.

#8 Bess Imago:

Calling this wood cabin a tiny home would be a stretch, but hey, we needed a thumbnail for this video, so here you go. Developed by the Japanese company Bess, the Imago Iter is their first attempt at a house on wheels that can be towed by an SUV.

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