New Transformer Campers with Pop-Top Roofs for More Interior Comfort and Sleeping Space

You can extract a lot of camping out of a small RV or a caravan trailer, just make you get the one that pops. In this video we will show you the newest camper models with pop-up roofs and expandable designs, the so-called transformers of the RV world.
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#1 Cube Series

The Cube Series fits both mid and full-size trucks. To ensure high durability and light weight of 1100 pounds it is made of a combination of aluminum, composites and other alloys.

#2 Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper

Hyundai Staria Lounge Camper is offered in 11-seat and 4-seat configuration, both with an electrically-powered pop-up that houses an air mattress for 2 people.

#3 Badger Caravan

Badger Caravans lineup consist of three models, Lite, X-Over, Extreme, that share the same fiberglass construction with a patented fold-out bed system on the side.

#4 Nissan Primastar Seaside Campervan

The German manufacturer Dethleffs took up tools and turned the latest generation Nissan Primastar and turned it into a 6 people van that can sleep 4 weary travelers at night.

#5 Takeoff by EasyCaravanning

The Dutch manufacturer EasyCaravanning explores the concept of personal freedom, when you can just take off at any time and begin your adventure. This TakeOff mini trailer has modular design and weighs mere 1600 pounds.

#6 Swift Monza Campervan

The release of the new Ford Tourneo Custom has allowed the Swift Group to deliver the Monza Campervan that can sleep up to 4 people.

#7 Valkari X1

Valkari X1 is the ultimate pop-up trailer camper that offers true off-the grid experience for the most demanding off-road enthusiasts.

#8 Mars Campers Space X Air

The Australian Mars Campers Space X Air welcomes 6 travelers, thanks to its automatic, inflatable tent system creating plenty of usable space on top of a compact platform.

#9 Rhinomax Defender

Rhinomax Defender is an Australian off-road camper that prioritizes home-like comfort and offers class-leading interior space.

#10 Cyberlandr

Cyberlandr is a one-of a kind truck-bed camper that pack into the bed of a Cybertruck and hides under its tonneau cover, creating no extra drag.

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