News Roundup: Coolest Сampers and Innovative Travel Trailers Presented this Summer

Boundless imagination of designers and unstoppable technological progress inevitably result in the creation of superior products. Here is a subjective list of our favorite recreational vehicles and camping trailers that came out for the 2022 and 2023 camping season. Some of them are funky, some innovative and some extremely capable!
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#1 Xpedition Pro Xpro One:

Xpedition Pro Xpro One is based on Iveco Daily 4×4 and is fitted with all of the necessary amenities for a 10-day trip for 3 people.

#2 Bruder EXP8:

Bruder EXP8 is the company’s flagship model that gets it proprietary suspension, off-grid ready equipment, and even an on-board water filtration system.

#3 GoSun Camp 365:

GoSun Camp 365 is the joint project between the two brands that features an ultra-foldable construction and plenty of GoSun appliances.

#4 Loki XL Coach:

Loki XL Coach is the first Class A model from brand that was created specifically of one of the company’s clients.

#5 Xbus RV:

First the XBus was unveiled as an electric van, then a pickup truck with an offroad capable chassis and now it debuts as an RV with a pop top roof. This modular platform was developed by the German startup Electric Brands.

#6 Living Vehicle 2023:

Effective as of this year, the Living vehicle is the world’s most powerful travel trailer. Tis means that it carries the largest amount of batteries and therefore stores up to 57.6 kilowatt hour worth of batteries. Additionally in 2023, this caravan can generate its own water from thin air.

#7 Happier Camper HC1 Studio:

Fiberglass Happier Campers have been a smash hit at any camp site ever since their mass market debut in 2015. This year their portfolio of attractive and versatile retro trailer is being expanded with a more high-end version of the original HC1.

#8 Hotomobil Mohican:

Hotomobil Mohican is a micro travel trailer, that weighs just 880 pounds and pack plenty of necessary tech and features.

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