Ohio Stealth Camping for Nature Photography

This is a longform video recording my experiences going on my first solo overnight trip while taking some nature photos in between. I set out from my house on foot with a backpack full of camping and photography gear to a local nature reserve. The goal: take photographs and spend a night out in the woods.

This trip was mainly a field test with pitching the tent in a suitable spot and getting acclimated to sleeping outside alone. Twigs snapping and coyotes howling can play mind games if you’re not prepared! Ohio isn’t exactly home to anything too dangerous or lethal, however I still slept with my knife and headlamp right at my side. Overall the strangest thing was seeing and hearing several people ride ATV’s through the nearby creek just before dark. I guess anything goes here?

I pitched the tent as recommended over 100 feet or so from any water source such as a creek in this case. This is to stay clear of potential flash floods and uneven ground, however the impending rain managed to pass by the area altogether for the night. And even for midsummer, the nights sure do get cold, as fifty or sixty degree temps are not out of the question.

Next time I will also spruce up my food choices as unseasoned pasta with just boiling water was rather bland. Backpacking pouches or portable condiments and spices is an idea for future trips.

For the evening I arrived, I photograph several macro shots of plants including Wild bergamot (mentioned as Beebalm in the video which is a slightly different species), American bellflower, Grey-headed coneflower and several more blooms.

For the woodland sunrise images at the end, I ultimately decided to use a 4:3 crop to shorten the narrow framing of the vertical composition. As I waited around a while for the lighting to change in anticipation, it did not quite work out as I hoped. The lighting instead swelled “in and out” in intensity without really moving down the trees and landscape as I planned. I could’ve simply walked away from the photographic opportunity, however opted to work with the scene and available light given.

All in all, this trip was a big success as I learned what to do (and more importantly what not to do) when it comes to solo backpacking and camping. I took several nice photos along the way and enjoyed the time spent out in the nature. Get out there!

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My name is Ryan Lee Taylor and I am a wildlife, nature, and landscape fine art photographer from Beavercreek, Ohio.

I studied at the New York Institute of Photography, graduating in 2017 with certificates in the Complete Course in Professional Photography and the Intensive Course in Travel Photography. Any other experience I have gained is mostly self-taught.

My work focuses on the genre of nature photography, and specializing in wildlife, wildflowers, trees and landscapes. Often traveling to far off scenic locations away from home or near as can be. I deliver stylish framed or matted fine art prints while also promoting conservation and wildlife ethics.

Call it experiential photography: documenting the living things around us and delivering that moment to you, the viewer, is my purpose. Reflected in my work is a deep ecological concern for the fragile and precious environments on our planet. However, I tend to focus on what beauty is already there rather than the harrowing consequences of humanity’s actions that affect tomorrow.

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“Lost in the Cinema”
“Everything Begins”
“She is Here Now”
“I’m Gonna Go”
“The Long Road Home”

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