Renovating our JAYCO 1007 POP UP CAMPER Trailer !

We bought and renovated a 2007 Jayco 1007 Pop Up camper! We repainted the cabinets, put in laminate flooring, re-fabricated the curtains and also the seat cushions. We were super excited to fix this camper up for the upcoming summer! This camper will allow us to go on the road in comfort while still being adventurous!

We did our own DIY cushion cover and flooring. We chose laminate flooring to replace the old linoleum floors. After a few quick coats of paint we were ready to go! It was not that hard to fix and flip this camper into a very comfortable home on wheels!

This was our first stab at tiny house living!

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Insulation for your camper

How to keep it cool!

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