Sierra’s Is BEATING THE ODDS! Her Cancer Doctor is FLOORED She’s Doing So Well! + More Road Work

I am THRILLED Sierra’s most recent appointment with her doctor went so well! She is now 4 months past her estimated expiration date and is doing great. We are adding some new medicine to her treatment in the hopes we can starve the cancer of oxygen resulting in tumor shrinkage. I want to thank EVERYONE for showing so much love for my furry family member, she truly is a great companion and we’ve had so much fun over the years adventuring in the backcountry. I’ll be doing a full video as to her treatment plan once the new supplements arrive in the mail. According to tracking, it will all be here by the weekend. I hope you all have a great Tuesday, thank you for tuning in!
~ Brian & Sierra

0:00 – Mornings With Sierra
1:35 – Finishing Up The Driveway
4:27 – Parks In The Pines General Store
5:42 – REI w/ Sierra
6:40 – Sierra’s Cancer Appt.
7:41 – Appt Recap – Sierra Is Doing GREAT!
9:18 – MONSOONS & My Fancy New Awning
10:56 – Patreon Shout-Out

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