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This is the IDEAL grilled cheese sandwich – according to Kristin and we think you’ll agree. From the choice of bread, to the combination or cheese and the debate between mayo or butter (the correct answer in both) we break down how make the best grilled cheese. Follow along with this ideal grilled cheese sandwich recipe at home! Subscribe to The Spruce Eats for delicious recipes, one-of-a-kind hacks & more every week!

#BestGrilledCheeseSandwich #CookWithUs #GrilledCheese

Making the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich:
00:00 The Spruce Eats Intro
00:43 Selecting and Prepping the Cheese
02:07 Picking the Right Bread
02:39 Assembling and Cooking
05:49 Add-Ins for Grilled Cheese
07:59 Cutting and Plating Grilled Cheese

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