The TRUTH: Living in a Four Wheel Truck Camper for 2 Years – All Your Questions Answered & Full Tour

All your questions answered about the truth of living in a truck camper for 5 years (2 years in a Four Wheel Camper)! Start speaking a new language in 3 weeks with Babbel. Get up to 65% OFF your Subscription Here:

Today I want to answer many of the questions about living and traveling in a truck camper. I’ve been living in a truck camper for 5 years – 2 years in a pop up camper and 3 years with a hard sided camper. Lets go through some of the main questions I receive:

0:00 Adventures Are My Favorite!
1:26 Crew Cab or Extended Cab? Where Do I Store All My Toys?
2:21 How I Get Water
3:37 How I Shower
4:23 How to Learn a New Language!
5:52 Where to Store Propane Tanks – How Much Propane Do I Use
7:03 How I Carry and Mount my Ebike to my Camper
7:38 How to Get Power to a Truck Camper
8:30 Hard Sided Camper or Pop Up Camper – Which is Better? Why?
10:42 How to Pop Up A Pop Up Camper – Is it Hard? Can You Do it By Yourself?
12:19 How Tall is the Inside Ceiling of a Pop Up Camper?
12:45 How to Camp for Free
13:53 How Much Do I Spend on Gas? Gas or Diesel?
14:09 What Are Some of My Biggest Expenses Living in a Truck Camper?
14:42 How Much is My Truck and Truck Camper Payment
15:04 How Do I Get Health Insurance? How Much Does it Cost?
16:57 Do You Have to Wipe Down the Walls Every Day in a Truck Camper?
18:01 My Biggest Complaint About my Truck Camper
19:27 All the Details! Heating/Cooling/Batteries/Lights/Fridge/Sink/Stove and Storage
23:03 How to Stealth Camp in a Truck Camper?

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