Top 10 Caravan Trailers within the Luxury Segment: Premium Interiors in a Compact Package

Today we will prove to you that a true luxury caravan trailer does not have to be big. Check out this list of premium RVs that can be towed by lightweight vehicles and wont take much space in your garage.

#1 In-Tech RV Sol Horizon
The Horizon is the flagship models of In-tech RV’s Sol line. Its major advantage is the panoramic roof in front of the dinette.

#2 Airstream Bambi

Officially launched as a 2020 model, Bambi is a single axle trailer with classic Airstream design, a feature-rich cabin and a long history behind it.

#3 Caravelair Caravans Antares Titanium Anniversary
The French Caravelair Caravans celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2022 by releasing this special edition caravan. Caravelair Caravans Antares Titanium Anniversary comes fully-equipped for the pickiest clients and gets beautifully crafted cabin featuring specially-selected fabrics with Anniversary labels and embroidery.

#4 Cortes Camper
Cortes campers stand out as a manufacturer of fully fiberglass composite travel trailers with patent pending technology. Their 17 feet caravan has axle-less suspension and premium Furion appliances.

#5 Adria Action
The Action is Adria’s smallest yet coziest travel trailer that sleeps up to 4 people and has 4 optional layouts.

#6 Beachy Caravan
When designing the new Beachy Caravan, Hobby specialists were told to forget their prior ideas of a caravan and start anew. The model was created for short-beach trips and camp-ground outings, but it has a cozy home-like interior with a “go-anywhere” vibe.
#7 Airstream Basecamp
Airstream Basecamp departs from the brand’s regular styling and has a squarer, but still aerodynamic bodywork with large windows upfront.

#8 Little Guy Max
No longer a little guy, the Max is the largest model in the company’s lineup: it measures 21feet long, offers 6 feet and 7 inches of cabin height, and comes fully equipped for a family of 3.

#9 Forest River R-Pod Drop
This is one of the smallest Fores Rivers, but at the same time the largest teardrop in the business. The R Pod has 11 layouts, some of which even have slide outs.

#10 Eriba Touring 60
This European classic can catch the eye at camp with its two-tone paint scheme and rounded shapes. The Eriba Touring 60 is an anniversary edition of the model with 4 layouts all equipped with rich packages.

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