Top 10 Small Campers that Fit inside a Minivan: Affordable Kits in 2022

Despite the word mini in its name, a minivan is a rather spacious passenger vehicle with solid camping potential. The process of turning it into a campervan can go two ways: a full conversion or a temporary installation of a modular kit for a short weekend getaway. In an attempt to prove to you that any minivan is a potential camper with a rather affordable price tag, in this episode we will cover the newest equipment of both kinds,
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#1 VW Caddy California

The smaller VW minivan tries on the iconic campervan moniker. This change means a much more comprehensive equipment package than that of the outgoing Beach model. The Caddy California accommodates a new double bed.

#2 Camperiz Dacia Dokker:

The Madrid-based Camperiz specializes in creating custom camper modules for small van models from VW, Ford and Mercedes. For those wanting to acquire the cheapest entry-ticket to outdoor adventures, the company has a complete conversion based on the Dacia Dokker.

#3 Oasis Campervans: /

Custom woodworking makes wonders, especially when done by the hands of an experienced craftsmen like Aaron Friedland and his father. Operating from a 400 square foot garage in Lafayette, Colorado, Oasis campers build classic conversions using Baltic Birchwood Plywood.

#4 Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper:

Though not a production-ready model, the Winter Camper gives you a little taste of what can be done with the electric NV200 Evalia with some imagination. Plus, the company offers many of the fitted accessories as optional extras for the minivan.

#5 Xbus:

Since the new generation electric vehicles are built on highly modular skateboard platforms, they can be easily modified to adopt different body styles. Among such versatile models is the XBus by the German Electric Brands.

#6 Bivy Life:

Built on the basis of Peugeot Expert and equivalent models, the French Bivy Life is obsessed with maximizing the use of space. During the day, it fits an indoor kitchen with a sink and a fridge, a couch, and 2 tables that swivel to the outside. At night, the interior transforms to accommodate a double bed plus an elevated sleeping platform for a child under 12 years of age.

#7 Eco Camper Explorer & Pioneer: /

One of the few hybrid MPVs out there can be easily converted into a recreational vehicle, with the help of the Scottish Campervan Co. The company offers 2 equipment grades for the Alphard, labeled the Explorer and the Pioneer. Both rely on the Toyota’s 2.4L hybrid system, that optionally, can be turned into what the company calls a “tribrid.”


The MiniCamper Design joins forces of a group of outdoor enthusiasts, designers, and cabinetmakers, who want to provide a wider pool of customers with the most affordable camping boxes. The Barcelona-based start-up offers two types of ready-to-install Initiation boxes made of high-quality 9-layer plywood boards covered by high-pressure laminate.

#9 Vanderer:

The German-build Vanderer is a rather new entry on the MPV camper market, that can be built on the Citroen Berlingo XL or Peugeot Rifter chassis. The base model is offered in 5 or 7-seat layouts, both featuring a pop-up roof with a panoramic top, 2 side windows and a bed for two.

#10 Crosscamp Lite:

Under the strong leadership of Erwin Hymer Group, the Crosscamp continues to expand its presence in the segment of modular camper vans. Unlike the original Flex model designed as an RV which can be transformed into a regular van, the Crosscamp Lite was developed to be your everyday workhorse which can be also used for weekend outings

Handy Air Compressor Accessories to Take on Camping Trips

Mobile air compressors are really helpful tools not just for lorry proprietors yet for off-roaders as well as campers also. These mobile air compressors have a variety of uses apart from supplying emergency air for level tires. They can also be made use of to blow up blow-up mattress as well as other blow up entertainment toys.

Family Bonding in Camping

One ideal means to bond with our family is with outdoor camping. This would certainly bring us closer to each various other and invest top quality time with each other. A preferred sort of camping is the camping tent camping in which a camping tent is set up in an appropriate area.

How to Build a Fire For Cooking in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven

How would certainly you such as to cook over a smokeless camp fire? Find out how to build the ideal fire for food preparation with actual tough wood coals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of External Frame Backpacks

I listen to people talking at all times regarding external structure backpacks or inner framework knapsacks. Asking which is much better, which is lighter, etc? Well if you ask me, it’s more concerning comfort, weight and also personal choice. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the exterior framework knapsack.

Making Out Your Camping Check List

Before you ever before go camping, it is a great idea to make a listing of materials you will certainly require. This will certainly help you when you are buying them along with offer as a check checklist of items you would certainly not have access to as soon as you have actually reached your camping location must you neglect.

Tips For Choosing the Right Camping Supplies

When it pertains to camping, selecting the ideal materials is necessary. Where you will be camping along with the expected weather will play an extremely essential function in this procedure, however there are numerous materials that are not reliant on conditions.

How to Save on Camping Supplies

If you are a constant camper, you are well mindful of the costs that can mount when acquiring outdoor camping products. While some of your products can last you fairly a very long time, others, like food as well as disposable dinnerware must be acquired whenever you go outdoor camping.

Supplies You’ll Need When Planning a Winter Camping Trip

If you are an enthusiastic camper, you may not be certain about the periods during which you choose to go outdoor camping. Whether you are starting a week long adventure or just wish to obtain away for the weekend break, you’ll require to make certain you have the proper supplies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Frame Backpacks

In Police, I really did not see several inner structure knapsacks up until the 1990’s and also they are coming to be much more prominent yearly. We would begin the kids (normally around 10 1/2 – 11 years old) out in external framework knapsacks and also when they aged they usually acquired the inner structure models. The Scouts would give me various factors for mosting likely to them.

The Best Fire Pits For Camping

Fire pits and camping go together. There are 3 primary kinds of fire pits that work well when camping.

Tips For Buying Outdoor Camping Supplies

When you are buying equipment for outdoor camping, you desire something that is going to withstand put on as well as tear over the years. You desire all your supplies to last for a long time not just with a couple of uses.

What to Know Before Camping on a Beach

Beach camping is a fun location to pursue a night or 2 of camping. If you have actually never been out on a beach at evening, make sure to be familiar with what needs to be prepared for.

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