Ultimate DIY Stealth Pop Up Truck Camper Tour w/Off Grid Solar

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0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Part 1: Bed Conversion
6:52 – Part 2: Kitchen & Storage
10:42 – Part 3: Solar & Electrical Setup
12:53 – Part 4: Overall Construction & Waterproofing
16:08 – Part 5: Cost, Helpful Info, & Closing Thoughts

Ultimate DIY Stealth Pop Up Truck Camper Tour w/Off Grid Solar:

This Truck (2016 F-150) is set up to be completely off grid and fully sustainable all on its own.

Part 1: Bed Conversion:
-The truck itself is a 2016 F150 that I built out as a camper fit for stealth camping and full time living
-This is a fully functional stealth camper before you even open the top to access the second floor
-In stealth mode when you’re ready to go to sleep, you roll out the futon, but if you have more than 2 people or you’re not stealth camping you can open the top to access the trifold mattress
-you can leave your bedding up there unlike a lot of the professionally made campers like this, and I can move this entire mattress out of the way so that you can have this entire space to move around.
-There are also electrical outlets and a fuse box in the loft bed area so that you have access to electricity from all areas in the camper.

Part 2: Kitchen & Storage
-I keep a full kitchen hidden inside of the left side drawer of the camping platform
-The right side drawer is empty for storage and the entire floor of the camping platform lifts up in order to allow full access to everything stored in the truck bed.
-There is additional storage space available on the sides of the truck bed near the wheel wells to maximize all of the space used.
-If you want to cook inside, ventilation would be an issue so I put a fan on the inside and it can be used with the top down or up
-Throughout the truck there are magnetic USB rechargeable automatic lights.

Part 3: Solar and electrical
-on the roof there is a 100watt solar panel and that runs down to my Anker Powerhouse to ensure that I have unlimited sustainable power that can be used throughout the truck camper. I can also charge the Anker Powerhouse in my truck with the 12v plug or with a regular outlet if there is no sun available to charge the power station.
-The Anker Powerhouse runs the 12v appliances like the fan but it also can run regular appliances as well and also has USB ports and a car outlet.
-With the LCD screen on the Anker Powerhouse, I can see how much power is coming in, how much power I’m using, and how long the battery will be able to run under its current work load

Part 4: Overall Construction & Waterproofing
-All of the wood inside the truck is coated in 3 or more coats of polyurethane
-All of the wood on the outside is burned cedar that my sister and I coated in marine grade epoxy in order to ensure that the wood would not rot over time
-The entire frame of the camper is made from aluminum square tubing that’s all been connected with aluminum brazing rods because I don’t have access to a welder in my workshop and I don’t know how to weld yet. Then the diamond plate is riveted to the frame and its extremely lightweight and much stronger than I could have ever hoped for
-The entire camper is put together in 3 parts that are each removable, so the rooftop tent can come off then you’ll just have a shell to put a temporary ceiling onto, then the shell comes off as well. Its just held on with clamps, and then the bottom camping platform also comes out so the entire thing con go completely back into truck mode or full camping mode or anywhere in between.
-Because I did this mainly with aluminum, the entire camper weighs less than 300 pounds not counting the drawers. You can add another 80 pounds for those
-Theres no flex in the metal here even when driving off road. I don’t go too extreme with off roading personally anyway but you can literally hang on the front of the camper without it drooping at all and there’s about a half of an inch of clearance between to top of the truck and the bottom of the camper.

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