What’s In Chetna Makan’s Fridge? #FridgeStories

Cookbook author and The Great British Bake Off contestant Chetna Makan gives us a fridge tour on episode 11 of Fridge Stories! Join us as Chetna gives us a peek inside her fridge where she keeps some of her favorite items like theplas and tons of chili sauces.
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Fridge Stories is a peek into the lives (and refrigerators!) of interesting people from all walks of life! From filmmakers to freelance photographers, from a mom turned influencer to YouTube creators – in each episode we’ll take you on a fridge tour, get to know them a little and have some fun along the ride. What does your fridge say about you?!

Inside Chetna’s Fridge:
00:00 Chetna Makan Ep. 11 Fridge Stories
00:18 What does your fridge say about you?
00:25 What is your favorite item in the fridge right now?
02:04 What do you have a lot of?
02:39 How many chili sauces do you have?
02:56 What item do you use the most?
03:29 What is the one item you always have in your fridge?
04:23 Is there an item in your fridge that you splurged on?
04:40 What’s expired in your fridge?
05:10 What do you have in your fridge that may surprise people?
05:33 Do you have any leftovers?
06:14 What’s hidden in the back?
06:40 What’s in your freezer?
07:09 What have you learned?

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